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Stoughton Estates



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Office Staff
Resident 2016 - 2017 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/09/2017
If you're considering live here, let me save you the headache. My review is completely honest and I hope, I really hope, you reconsider choosing these apartments to live in. Maintenance is a joke, you have to call and call, put request after request in, and maybe just maybe you'll get the maintenence workers attention. But that's highly doubtful. Even living there for a year, I barely got his attention to just fix something simple. Walls are paper thin. You can literally hear what the people in the apartment next or across from you are doing. If there is childern living above you, good luck. You'll hear everything they are doing at anytime of the day. The washer and dryer unit. They are old, the washer doesn't clean your clothes and the dryer leaves your clothes still wet, even after multiple drying sessions. The playground is run downed, swings are always broken, the slide is a death trap. Oh, and if you do a noise complaint, again good luck. They'll, no matter what it is, turn it on you and make it your fault. Once again, good luck when it comes to moving out. They will find anything and everything to charge you for. Rather it's $1,600 worth of carpet replacement highly unnecessary, I may add) a simple nick in the wall (they'll charge to completely paint the whole apartment ) replacing light bulbs, and if you want to move out before your lease is up. Once... Again... good luck, they'll charge you a couple thousand for doing so..
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Stoughton Estates

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