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Courtyards At the Villages



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Office Staff
jerejohn80 • Resident 2011 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/22/2011
Do not I repeat DO NOT move into either The courtyards or the springs!! You will be highly dissapointed. This place is ------ at best, teetering dangerously close to slum status. We I first encountered this complex I will admit I was less than impressed. However, I was intriuged by the low prices and townhouse style layout. At first glance it also seemed to be relatively quiet. This couldnt be further from the truth. I have now come to realize that my first impression can only be attributed to the fact that I visited the property early in the morning and on a cold rainy day. It is my understanding now that ------ street urchins obviously wake up around noon and since most of these ------ a-holes dont have cars, they arent outside on rainy days. The reality of the situation is...this is the effin hood! The gross majority of its residents can only be classified as pieces of ----. Unfortunately since I live here now I am lumped into the same catergory as these jack-offs! (guilty by association) The management, primarily maintenance, are utterly useless and never fix anything even in cases of emergencies. Here is an example; My girlfriend, who happens to be 5 months pregnant, came home to an overwhelming smell of gas in the unit. She called the office who instructed her to call emergency maintenance. No one ever showed up! Ultimately when I came home from work 6 hours later, the smell was unbearable and practically floored me when I opened the door. I assumed it must have been a pilot light out on the stove and fixed the problem myself. The fact that no one responded to a strong gas for over 6 hours after multiple calls is EXTREMELY dangerous. A sufficient gas leak could cause a massive explosion and hurt alot of people. The saddest part is that no one has responded to the strong gas smell call to this day, even though my girlfriend called them at least 15 times and stated that she was pregnant each time. Another time we reported a substantial toilet leak. This time maintenance actually showed up (imagine that!! They must have been bored that day or something) They fixed the leak but decided that it was perfectly normal to take one of the towels off our rack to wipe up the excess toilet water and grime, leaving behind a soggy wet nasty towel sitting on the bathroom floor. Completely unacceptable if you ask me. Dont waste your money on this hell hole. If I was on section 8 like the rest of the disgusting hood rat hoes that dwell here maybe I would be a little more understanding (I mean what do you expect when you only pay $25 a month right?) For the money I pay here I could rent a decent house, which is what I fully intend to do. Do yourself a favor and look elsewhere. Or be a dumb,------,piece of ---- and live here. The choice is yours
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Courtyards At the Villages

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