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Courtyards At the Villages



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courtyardsandspringsFAIL • Resident 2012 - 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/15/2013
I only have 45 days left of my lease and I am counting down the days! I moved here because my brother in law and sister used to live here and said they did not have too many problems. To be honest, I really have not had too many problems that made living unbearable. Growing up in Detroit, nothing shocks me anymore. On the first night of living there, I went to work and left my fiance home alone. She called me and said someone was being jumped right outside our window! They man laid there for 45 minutes until the police finally showed up. I brushed it off because like I said, nothing shocks me after growing up in Detroit. But the shear lack of sincerity from the staff there is what really takes the cake. They doubled charged me for rent one month, and when I had the fee reversed, they charged me a late fee, and an NSF fee for taking my money back! Even though they had their rent, they charged me for taking back the extra!!! Then they come to my door saying either pay the fee or get out! I said fine, let me pack my stuff. After they seen I was serious, they took the fees off. It's ridiculous. It is like these people do not know how to run a complex. I am completely dissatisfied and urge you not to rent here, not only for the ------ environment, but the management sucks. The only nice one was Ginger, and she was gone a short time after I moved in. Then they call me to renew my lease, which I was contemplating because I plan on moving into a house this summer, but need somewhere to in the gap between my lease's end and when I actually close on my house but she told me that my rent would be raised because the cost of living went up!! FOR REAL? but they are running a special right now for $599 a month. SO when I move out and not pay them their requested $629, they will for sure take $599. it's ridiculous and a terrible marketing strategy, This place sucks.
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Courtyards At the Villages

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