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Courtyards At the Villages



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/25/2007
I moved out the night my apartment was broken into by punk kids who stole my cell phone and messed up the place. I witnessed a gang fight including gunfire. I heard gunshots at least once a week. MANY DRUG DEALERS LIVE HERE! The one that lived next to me was nicknamed shaggy. My apartment always smelled of marijuana thanks to the neighbors. In fact she was a 40 year old mom who would smoke it with her 16 year old daughters. I think they were prostitutes, there were always strange black men coming in and out of their house. Always loud rap music playing in the middle of the night. Walls are paper thin, I heard the neighbors having sex as if I was in the same bed. People stare at you. ------ trash everywhere. Its as if they took a ------ from Detroit and put it in the middle of Taylor. Way to "Urban". Always loud, I called the cops 3 times on my neighbors, they cops never showed up. Never felt safe! I was a college student fooled by a good move in deal, DONT BE FOOLED!!! I think my neighbors names were Laquanda and Tyrese...go figure.
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Courtyards At the Villages

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