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Courtyards At the Villages



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 - 2009 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/13/2009
THIS PLACE IS A COMPLETE JOKE The staff tell you all these nice things about the place and pressure you to sign the lease and after you do.The nice kind people change to people that don't really care what you have to say or want.I personally seen two shootings and 2 apartments get broken into, it also took staff 14 hours to respond to fix the 1 womans door after the break in. I also gave them permission to come in for the maintenance staff to make repairs to my ceiling that fell down after pipes busted in my ceiling "six weeks i waited with a huge hole in my kitchen ceiling" and to top it off I come home to the worker using my bathroom "#2" and 2 pops where taken from my fridge and the emptys left on the counter, I also waited 3 weeks for the manager to respond after i called to complain "yes the current manager!!" I am not just bashing this place out of anger I just want to warn and stop others from making the same mistake also in may 09... 47 yes 47 car windows were broken out ..and they brag how they have great security haha please just run dont put yourself or your family in the danger that this place has lurking around every corner ...also the 78 yr old man that was maced jumped and beat badly right out in the open just after dark by a group of drug dealers for no reason ..THE PLACE LOOKS GREAT DURING THE DAY I ADMIT THAT BUT JUST TAKE A DRIVE THROUGH THERE AT NIGHT AND YOU WILL SEE..also dont forget about the HUGE BED BUG AND ROACH PROBLEM I HAD MULTIPLE NEIGHBORS COMPLAIN ABOUT SO PLEASE RUN RUN RUN RUN!!!!! OH AND the public laundry room was not safe people stole clothes and put feces in the washers and if it snows haha dont expect to leave ..also seen the maintenance staff smoking marijuana on the job with the known drug dealers in the place. The only person that seemed like she cared about anything was the nice older lady in the back office I think shes the maintenance secretary she was wonderful
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Courtyards At the Villages

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