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Taylor Park Aparments



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/04/2005
That good review must have been written by one of the office staff more than likely Bonnie or the freaking owner of the complex that don't reside there, but here is the honest truth for you....<br>I've currently live in this god forsaken property and i'm counting the days til my lease is up. First lets address the office staff they are somewhat friendly if you don't want anything. If you need anything please don't count on anyone of them to fix or resolve the problem there. They lie and tell you that they offer 24hour Maintence, yeah right they offer the 24hour answering service with the rudest staff i've ever know to man kind that would not know what a emergency was if it bite them in the ---. The men that are suppose to be the Maintence people sit around in the office or ride around in the pick up truck all day doing nothing. The landscaping sucks, and don't let is snow really bad, if it does I hope you have a shovel handy if not your boots and clothing are ruined. They use to accept dogs and people had to pay and extra $25.00 dollars a month in rent but who the hell pays the extra expenses for the rats, mices and roaches I guess that is covered in the regular rent or they are amenities that they don't tell you about. I've been waiting for a work order at that location for nearly 3 months and nothing has happen to this date yet. When they do try fix something they put band aids over major repairs and consider them fixed and the problems are reoccuring. They were supposed to be providing the complex with new screen doors for over a year now, that has not been done unless you reside in the front by the office so when they take the pictures for the apartment guide it looks great for the next bunch of suckers that they want to leave there. The pot holes in the parkling lot are riduclous. lets just say if you ride throgh you will need a front and rear end alignment all at your expense. no swimming pool in the complex but they can fill the potholes up and advertise that they have one since they lie about everything else just to get you in to sign that lease. The aparments are poorly maintained and things are falling apart all over the place should be considered condemmed. The noise level is another issue, if you want to have sanity don't move here. People don't watch their children, and the kids are out at the break of dawn rollerskating and playing basketball, or just congregating around your space and your vehicle, and don't inform the offfice of the noise problem there answer is we will send out a violation. violation my behind. There is never a dull moment there we have police chases, domestic violence issues, crack heads, yes i did say crack heads wondering through and breaking and entering. The walls are paper thin so don't have sex or the people next to you or behind you will know. Needless to say I can go on and on about this place but you would be here forever reading this. <br><br>I will leave you all with this. If you want sanity then don't move here.<br><br> If you want a place where there is never a dull moment(police chase, domestic violence issues, paper thin wall, and a overcrowding of children) with extra pets that you are not paying for and did not want then you can call this place home......<br>Sincerly Pissed the hell off
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Taylor Park Aparments

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