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Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/03/2007
My husband and I thought this was a great deal, Boy were we wrong!! The apartment we have is like living in the ------ of Detroit!!, When we rented our apartment we had went off the model that we seen. Which looked beautiful!! Then we got the keys to move in, found cracks in our windows, not to mention the fact that they don t close all the way. And the windows outside are dirtier then the city dump. There is garbage everywhere and the grounds people don t pick up any trash!. The carpets have oil stains so bad that they wont even come out when you have a carpet cleaner. Just with the conditions of the apartment I wouldn t rent here ever again, But don t worry it is a lot worse then that. You are spouse to have a gated community and the gates are always broken and never down!. The pool is always dirty and the hot tub hasn t worked since I ve moved in. The fitness center is ok, But other tenets use it and then don t wipe off their sweat. To top all this off, you have 3 doors to your building, That are NEVER LOCKED!! As matter of fact anyone can come in and out of your building. And when you bring it up to the staff of the apartment community, They tell you that most of their properties are rented out by 3rd parties, (For example: Section 8, HUD, and anyone who can pass a low standard credit check, That have the time they don t do,) So the moral of the story is if you like paying top dollar for some slum living then it s a good deal for you, But if you have children and want a safe environment for them, Where they can play outside and not get sick from animal poop, Doors being left unlocked, and clean living, Then do yourself the favor and pass this one up. It will defiantly save you a ton of money in the long run, and you wont have to worry about being stuck in a lease for a year. P.S. This is only a little of it, You will never know how ashamed I am to live here, Until you do it yourself, and I don t recommend that.
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The Gables of Troy

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