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Shelby Oaks



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/10/2007
I lived in Shelby Oaks for a few years, due to the fact that I'm a single mother and it was cheap living. Well, the elementary school across the street stinks because all the ------ people living here send their kids there, so unfortunately, distracts from the good children. The porches are always iced over becasue there's no gutters, everything including the counter tops are painted! Drywall is just spackled over, so it has a huge bump in the paint. Don't expect to have air conditioning for much of the summer; it will break. WHen you try to fix your house to look better, they charge you a ton more in the end, so don't bother. My car was broken into several times, and landlords do nothing about it. Found out maintenance guys were to blame one of the times!!!There is no light above the parking lots going around to the court yard, so you had better have a flash light because they feel "its fine."Good luck trying to get in touch with office staff as they are never there. Try going up there on a Saturday morning!! They'll stroll in around noon. Cops are chasing people thru your court yard all hours of the night. and that's not even the weekend only issues~partying, drinking,druging til dawn. Overall I would best describe this place is the most disguised was to take your money. Looks decent, but in the end, you lose alot more than money.
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Shelby Oaks

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