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Arlington Manor Apartments



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SClark2 • Resident 2001 - 2009 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/25/2009
My mother and I have been rsiding at Arlington Manor for a little over 8 years. When we first moved in everything was nice. The bushes were trimmed often, washer & dryer worked, maintenance came out when needed and the apartments were very clean. For the past 5 years the complex has gone down in quality. Maintenance patches things uyp that needs to be replaced. Front office can be very rude and ununderstanding most times. We have lived in our current unit for 6 years now and they will not replace the carpet. Our washer and dryer is old and broken. Just recently while washing in the basement I came across a pregnant roach. These apartments are not what they use to be and new management is only making the complex worst. There are teenagers who walk in the complex streets all times of night and they often sit on top of the car ports. When you are trying to drive they won't move out the way. My boyfriend's car has been broken into twice in the past 2 years. We never had a problem with thief in the past. Just recently Arlington put up a gate to make us use one entrance. This bothers many residents because it appears to be a fire hazard. We have been confined to one way in and one way out on a schedule. The rent is expensive and the apartments are not worth it. In our current unit we have had approximately 5 families move out before an entire year. This doesn't even count how many neighbors have left our unit during our entire stay here. I don't recommend anyone move here. There are better apartments for better prices. Keep searching because we are looking for a new place as well.
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Arlington Manor Apartments

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