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Embassy West Apartment



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2009 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/23/2009
This use to be a nice well kept apartment complex, then new managegment took over and it is trashy looking now. Dogs allowed to stay unlicensed and without their shots given. A tenant was bit and told it never happened. I'm assuming to cover the tracks of management not doing their job. No limit to the amount of people that can live in an apartment. Cockroaches in a building and tenants never being told until another neighbor tells them they found one. A neighbor actually viewed maintenance man having his dog unleashed after a tenant was bit simply to say, "I can have my dog unleashed and do not have to go by Waterford Townships rules." One can pick up as many 15 to 30 cigerette butts after a night of partying. Condoms in alley way, panties with a pad in it in parking lot, and glass on the side walk for over a week. Finally a tenant swept it up. Oh yes dogs can poopy anywhere. Disgusting!!! Also a letter was sent out indicating no more dogs as of 9/1/09, but recently we now have dogs back with new tenants moving in. Really confused as to rules of lease. Oh yes after a neighbor was bit, she was told she did not sign a lease when it was identical to leases signed by other tenants. I'm guessing new management makes their own rules, but it will all come out in the wash for those that think their above it all. Oh yes the Maintenance man will keep you abreast of who he has threesomes with and we understand this is inclusive of the manager. Oh yes it would not pay to complain for fear management will see to it that your complaint was addressed in managment's way. Numerous people have indicated fear of manager when she is screaming/yelling. Previous management would have never let this happen.
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Embassy West Apartment

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