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The Landings



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Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/13/2007
Imagine this: You are laying in bed trying to sleep during the summer and have your window open. Outside is the soothing sound of a drug deal going down outside your window. You listen as the dealer explains that he is cutting the buyer a good deal and that he wouldn't find a fatter ounce unless he went to detroit. You're not sure what they are dealing but you imagine its probably some good stuff cuz the guy is paying $350 for it on sale. <br>Or if you aren't feeling sleepy you can stay up for the after midnight beer bottle throwing contest from the 3rd floor belcony onto the parked cars below in the parking lot.<br>You can also watch the drunks fish in the man made pond for entertainment (just praying they fall in). <br>When you wake up, you can enjoy your fresh cup of coffee on the balcony with the preying mantis thats been stuck to your screen for the past few weeks.(by the way, they are actually pretty cool looking). If you are hungry, you can always find a snack from the previous tenants under the stove or fridge! And if your water goes out - you are in luck! All you have to wait for is a storm and you can stand under the light socket as it leaks down on you (just make sure the light is off :).<br>No need to exhaust yourself by walking to the dumpster to throw out your garbage either! Just toss it out your door and all over the stairways like everyone else. <br>Do you like art? Great! There's a wonderful display of cigarette ash smiley faces that people burned into the walls in the stairways. Love animals but allergic? You are in luck because your apartment is sure to reek of cat urine! Dont like animals? Well, it will still smell like cat urine - so sorry bout your luck. Overall, other than paying an extra 1,000.00 to break my lease early and being hospitalized from getting hit by a flying beer bottle coming home from a hard days work - I would say the landings is a fairly good place to live! Theres never a dull moment! Don't believe me? Drive through at 2 in the morning and see for yourself (dont forget your helmet!)
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The Landings

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