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Creek Club Apartments

1147 West Grand River

Williamston, MI 48895



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StayawayfromChand • Resident 2010 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/21/2012
Chand is a crooked lying landlord. He's the worst. He lies to the courts to get summons file. The land/tenant rights in the state of Michigan states that a landlord is required to provide a tenant first with a 7 day demand for nonpayment before a court date can be issued. Only after waiting for 7 business days, if the rent is still not paid can a landlord file a "Complaint Nonpayment of rent" with the court that's when the court issue a court date. Chand lie's to the court by saying that he has already served a 7 day demand to his tenant in order for him to get a court date without waiting the 7 days that the law requires him to do. Then he try's to add on all kind of charges, late fee of $85.00 on top of a $15.00 per day charge. No court would ever award him a $15.00 a day late fee even if it's in the lease. He also try to charge a $200.00 attorney fee, but if the take a good look at the paperwork he list his own information as the attorney, he can t do that. When I questioned him on this he stated well I have a law degree. Come on now, what that has to do with anything he pray on people who don t know don t be one of those people. This guy is unreal and you can beat him in court if you can prove to the court all of the foolishness that he try to pull, how do I know because he tried it on me in court and he lost. Learn your rights as a tenant in the state of Michigan and don't let this crook lie to you and/or try to you scare you into believing that the court will side with him. If he does not follow the rules/laws he WILL NOT win in a court of law, but it's up to you to be able to prove your case. This guy is the WORST and you should do yourself a favor and stay away from this guy. I rent a house from him and I have fought tooth and nail with him on everything and I will continue to fight him on all of the foolishness he TRY to pull on me and my family. I really believe he has some mental issues. He'll call you late at night, come by your house unannounced. Don't take his word on anything make sure everything he says is in writing and/or email. Trust me this guy is a snake just waiting to bite you.....and yes I'm still a tenant of his, not because I like it but because I'm not going to let him run over me and/or run me off. It's not going to happen Chand!!!!!!
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Creek Club Apartments

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