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Creek Club Apartments

1147 West Grand River

Williamston, MI 48895



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Fodeep • Resident 2009 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/25/2012
I have been renting from Chand for about three years. Out of the three years I have rented from Chand I have been late on my rent about 5 times. I have NEVER been more than two weeks late. When Chand tenant's is one day late he's trying to get as much money out of you as he can. First he charges a late fee of $85.00, that's a little higher then what most landlords charge but hey, you are late so you owe, I understand that. Here's where it gets crazy. He also puts in his lease at if you a late just one time he will charge a extra $100.00 per month for the remaining time of the lease. By law, he can not do that. No court will enforce that kind of charge, but he will try to scare you into believing if he takes you to court because you signed his lease that the court will enforce that. Just me the court will not enforce that. Then he charge on top on the $85.00 late fee and the $100.00 per month rental increase a $15.00 per day late fee for each day you are late. Once again NO court will enforce that fee as well. In the state of Michigan a landlord can ONLY be awarded "Actual Losses". Meaning he will only be reward what he was out of due to you paying him late. So the $85.00 late will cover he actual lose of money for the month. But wait it gets better, he then try to charge a $200.00 attorney's fee also, but on the paperwork he list his information as the attorney. When I question him about WHY he was trying to charge me a attorney fee when he didn't hire a attorney to represent him against me, he stated that he has a law degree and his office doesn't work for free so that was his justification as to why he wanted me to pay him a attorney's fee. This guy is unreal. So I went to court and I won. If you get court papers from him make sure you read and understand them. I can almost guarantee you that they are full of lie's because he is a liar. He lies to the courts by telling the court that he has already provided you with a 7 day demand letter. By law he is suppose the get his tenants a 7 day demand to pay starting the day after the rent was due and those 7 days do not include weekend day or holidays. After he has issued the 7 day demand that's when the court will issue him a court date. But he lie's to the courts to by pass the 7 day demand and he just up straight to the court date. Listen, we went to court and we WON and so can you if you can prove your case. So get everything in writing from this liar, emails are good too. I'm still renting from him. Not because I like it but because my son is still in school until the year of this school as well ad I'm not going the allow this crooked, lying, landlord run me off. Chand you will never run me off I will fight you tooth and nail everytime you try to run your foolishness my way..
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Creek Club Apartments

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