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Hillside Apartments

31071 Lakeview Boulevard

Wixom, MI 48393



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vrp · 2020 - 2021
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
This is one of the most problematic apartments we've ever lived at. Been living here for almost a year now and it's like at every month there's something new that's just a problem. The ladies who work in the main office, Mary and Rebecca, are super rude to residents who live here but are nice as pie when you're looking to rent and just moving in. I honestly don't know where to start. When we moved in, the pandemic had just hit, so I understand that things were moving slower, maintenance wise. But when we've been on the maintenance "waiting list" for over 8 months? That's ridiculous. First there was a problem with the garbage disposal. Then a problem with bugs since for whatever reason the carpeting was already coming up (which we did document on our move in form as well). Our balcony screen has 2 big holes in it (which we also documented) and we were told in May of 2020 that it would be fixed before the heat of summer hit so mosquitos wouldn't climb through it. It's now March 2021 and still hasn't been fixed. These ones I've listed above have only been in the first few months. Past that, they've lost our information and called us demanding it asap being super rude when it WASN'T our fault that THEY lost it. When we won one of the Christmas time contests that the apartment parent company was running, the parent company didn't know our apartment number (because it wasn't a part of the information we had to submit) but they had information of our names and complex. When the package arrived at the office, we got, again, a VERY rude phone call not just "scolding" but YELLING at us that we are to (and I quote) "NEVER SEND ANYTHING TO THIS OFFICE, YOU HAVE AN APARTMENT NUMBET" But ummm what? We didn't know it was coming. We had no way to let the parent company know it. Soooooooo I'm confused again as to why we're constantly being berated and treated like low levels when we've literally been here for almost an entire year now. Again, these are only some of the biggest problems we've had. But there HAVE been more. It would just take too long to go through each individual instance. It's so unprofessionally by the people in the office. The maintenance people are friendly. It's solely the office. Which, unfortunately, is mainly the people we have to deal with. Other than these poor experiences that seem to happen every month with something new each time, the community itself is nice. It's a nice location. Spacious 2 bedroom apartment. Overall decent. Without including our experiences with the office, I'd give it a 4 star rating. But with the horrible experiences being so frequent and so unprofessional and rude, I'm giving it 3 stars. You've been warned.
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Hillside Apartments Manager


Thank you for speaking to me this morning about your maintenance concerns. Someone will be addressing them as quickly as possible. We apologize for any frustrations you may have in regards to our subletting policy. We aim to give great customer service and will take your frustrations into account to provide you with a better customer service experience in the future. Thank you for participating in our company contests and we appreciate you as a resident.

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Hillside Apartments

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