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Ramblewood Apartments

4277 Stonebridge Road SW

Wyoming, MI 49509



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/14/2007
Ramblewood North is in dyer need of better management in all areas except landscaping. Snow Plowing and shoveling of walkways are very poor! Walk ways, carports, entrances, streets and parking lots are lit very poorly! Office staff do not conduct themselves professionaly and do not take the residence seriously. When I go to the main office I often hear them snickering about some of the residence there. The monthly utilities and rent bills are inadequate and have been wrong more than once for me. Once the mailed me a deliquent/vacate notice and I didn't even own them! Matter of fact, all said and done they owed me for over payment of $50.00!!! <br>Drug dealers and punks thrive on this community!!! I think most of them lived in my complex! High traffic because of the selling of drugs! I am moving this month, thank god!<br><br>Tons of abandoned cars taking up car spots! It literally took them 1.5 years to move two cars in my lot that were sitting on all four flats and expired plates.<br><br>Not a safe place for children or single women!!!! Don't walk at night! I had to stop doing that within 2 months of living there! <br><br>I like the fact that they allow animals but they don't enforce the law on cleaning up crap! Or the two dog minimum!!! You can't walk anywhere on the grounds without walking around or on dog crap! Dogs barking at all hours! <br><br>Doors slamming! The main entrances to the buildings are very poorly constructed. Doesn't seal to keep out the bad weather which drives up your "shared" utility bills and they all slam loudly they do not have handicap delay door closures as they should which allows the door to close very quickly, fast and LOUDLY! That's all you here all day & all night long doors slamming. As for the up keep of the apartment! That's another story! Very Very Old and Outdated! Linolium keeps rolling up/not sticking to the floor. Facets and doors are old and dirty. I never felt clean there. It looks like they just paint over all the dirt! They never once inspected my apartment after 2.5 years of living there not even for the smoke detectors, fire extingisher, or the filter in the SMALL window A/C they supply you with in the family room which doesn't cool the bedrooms or bathroom and it's VERY LOUD when you run it!<br><br>UNSAFE, NOT CLEAN, RUN DOWN, PUNKS, AND DRUG DEALERS, AND NO RESPECT! THAT'S HOW I FEEL ABOUT THIS PLACE. TO SAY THE LEAST!
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Ramblewood Apartments

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