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Chestnut Lake



Resident · 2001 - 2006
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Office Staff
I moved to Maplewood because it was a good financial decision for my family AT THAT TIME. The management staff three years ago were often out reviewing the complex, preparing for inspections and keeping a good view of things going on (so it seemed). Over the time I spent there more drug users walked through using the laundry rooms and standing out after the office closed doing deals. Not nice, especially if you have children. My apartment was not updated before I moved in, but it looked clean. However the carpet was cheap and flyaway fibers were enough to be a health hazard, in my opinion. If anyone has health issues in the lungs that live there, it wouldn't be a bad idea to check the carpet as a culprit or menance. I was told at move in that though the check in inventory form says we have 7 days, they wanted it back in 3. THAT IS ILLEGAL. The form says 7 days, and each tenant has SEVEN days to do a thorough check of the apartment to the best of your busy move in ability if you choose to live there. When maintenance came to fix something the guy was fond of saying about the place, "You get what you pay for." That's the way he must feel about the place. Sometime after I turned in the form I realized there was damage in the kitchen but didn't think I had recourse to mention it. When I moved out no one would do the walk through with us, though I was sweetly informed I could wait no telling how long for one, or just turn in the keys. You guessed it, I turned in the keys and got a report for hundreds of dollars of "damage" to things that needed updating and replacing anyway! Things we did not "break" were vaguely reported as "there is damage," and "broken." This amounted to my whole security deposit! Ridiculous. Again I was told sweetly just to get a letter over to the office. I was not told that my legal responsibility was to get a note to them IN WRITING BY MAIL. That is the legal way. I did respond to their claims by mail in enough time, however I still need to sue them in court for DOUBLE MY SECURITY DEPOSIT because it seems they may not have followed the law in corretly settling the matter in 45 days. If they don't they should owe past tenants DOUBLE the money. Know your tenants rights, and don't take anyone's word for what you need to do or know. We did have to shut one room in our apartment because it was too cold in the winter. Maintenance told us there was nothing they could do about it. I noted my kids were sick more often from sleeping at the cold walls and it took longer for them to recover in the winter and spring. Also bugs freely come in through the windows because they are not properly sealed. The floors above us squeaked terribly. We were on a different sleep and waking schedule than the people above us, but we were wakened many times at 5 am just by their walking around. Very bad quality here. In short, it's my experience that Maplewood will cheat you if they think they can gain your security deposit, especially if you don't know the law, and don't follow through with demanding your rights be followed carefully. Maplewood did add a little security feature to the laundry door while I was there, but teens bragging about bringing guns and taking over the place while they drink in front of your window is my experience. That and groups of yong men smoking weed in the parking lot during business hours...and strange people knocking on the door asking to be let in. Wild parties with teens drinking into the night...The young drinkers told each other about one of the apartments upstairs that they all visited a few at a time, "for some reason." Same apartment the cops visited at least once. My car did have the cd player taken from it during the night. I called the office multiple times about smelling gas in the laundry room. Maintenance came in and went back out and the smell was still potent. I was told I needed to call the gas company (I don't know if they did or not). The gas company didn't come out until I called. I called knowing young people come into the area just to smoke. The gas company rep told me he could smell the gas as soon as he came in, found gas freely blowing from the laundry hose, and why did it take so long to make a report. I thought this was something management would care about or for handling. After calling for the gas company the dryer leaking gas (as per the gas company rep) wasn't called for repair for over a month. Again, I had to call repeatedly to see if the dryer would be fixed. Maplewood can serve a purpose financially, but I wouldn't want to move back because of bad business ethics experience and not believing it is safe enough. It cost us more to move somewhere else, but it is worth it.
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Chestnut Lake

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