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212 Steven Drive, Ypsilanti, MI 48197
212 Steven Drive, Ypsilanti, MI 48197

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Cobble Creek



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unhappytennant880 • Resident 2004 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/05/2006
I have lived in the creek for going on three years now. It had its issues but was not ultimately awful. A few months ago a water pipe broke at the YMCA in Ann Arbor and they took the tenants many of whom were homeless and brought them here. I have paid full rent 2 bedroom for 2 years now. With old carpet, crappy un remodeled bathroom , and broken old kitchen cupboards and the worst sewage issues on earth. They completely remodeled units brand new everything , carpet , even furnished them for these people. They released a letter outlining the 1 year arrangement of these people living here at $380.00 a month and "say" they are mentally handicapped and disabled. They are crack heads and cons. All night long running in and out in the dark. We can hear the downstairs doors opening every five minutes and people standing in the dark.We know we have to be home before dark because of the crime ,and can't leave after dark.Its just not worth it. Back and forth all night.Fights, theft. There have been more police calls here in 3 months then I have seen in the whole time I have lived here. People throw their trash in the hallway and more often then not the Hallway smells like marijuana. We have also been riddled with conspicuous people asking for money even to the point where they knock on your door trying to sell you stuff. IT IS SCARY. THERE WAS A CARJACKING HERE LAST MONTH ..IN BROAD DAYLIGHT! <br><br>This is part of the letter from the " long term" agreement between Tuscan Creek and the City of Ann Arbor to take YMCA homeless people and put them and their crime here:<br><br>CITY COUNCIL APPROVES LONG-TERM YMCA HOUSING SOLUTION<br>On January 9, City Council approved resolutions to enter into a lease agreement with Tuscan<br>Creek Apartments in Ypsilanti Township to provide continuous housing to former YMCA<br>residents.<br>In 2003, the City of Ann Arbor purchased the building that was the site of the YMCA, located at<br>350 S. Fifth Ave. This building includes a housing tower for 100 residents. In October, a water<br>pipe burst causing flooding and loss of heat to most floors in the housing tower. Due to colder<br>weather approaching, the City felt it necessary to provide approximately 90 residents other<br>accommodations at several area motels until the problem could be resolved. While at alternative<br>locations, additional assistance was given to residents at the City’s expense in order to provide<br>proper accessibility to food, transportation and human services.<br>Due to deteriorating building conditions, City Staff were not able to identify an inexpensive<br>solution to repair the damage, make the residential tower habitable and move residents back into<br>their single-room-occupancy efficiency units at the Old YMCA building.<br>Last night, City Council authorized City Staff to enter into a long-term housing option with<br>Tuscan Creek Apartments in Ypsilanti Township. The apartment option at a single site was<br>selected as the best long-term housing option for displaced YMCA residents because it provides<br>better living conditions than a motel; is centrally located for support services, and is a more<br>fiscally responsible approach than renting motel rooms. The apartment complex, located at 212<br>Stevens Drive in Ypsilanti Township, is in an established residential area and is located on an<br>AATA bus route, which provides access to nearby shopping and services.<br>City Council also approved City Staff to enter into an agreement with the Washtenaw County<br>Health Organization to provide on-site support services and case management to residents. These<br>services are essential to the well being of many of these residents.<br>“The goal of this apartment housing solution is to address the housing and human service needs<br>of these residents, who are among the City’s most vulnerable,” said Jayne Miller, Community<br>Services Area Administrator. “Many of these residents were homeless and are mentally and/or<br>physically challenged, and a majority of these residents need assistance in their daily living<br>functions. On average, these residents earn $8,500 a year and pay $380 per month for rent.”<br>Miller also noted that this option was the most fiscally sound option for the City. The maximum<br>cost of the 12-month apartment lease is $226,800. An additional contingency amount of $50,000<br>was requested to cover any possible future damages.<br>The cost of leasing and furnishing apartments is estimated to be $400 per resident per month,<br>while renting motel rooms is estimated to be $1,200 per resident per month. Residents will<br>continue to pay $380 per month for rent, which will be used to offset the City’s costs.<br>On-site 24/7 support services and case management will be provided through the Washtenaw<br>County Health Organization, at a cost of $240,000, which represents a monthly cost of<br>approximately $300 per resident. It is important to note that there is a great need for residents to<br>be housed in one location so that essential property management and support services can be<br>provided.<br>Transition funds to assist residents with security deposits, moving and basic furnishings, with a<br>$800 limit per individual, have been set aside to assist individuals who may choose to find their<br>own housing. In addition, $26,000 in special needs funding has been designated for individuals<br>who have special needs who cannot be accommodated at these apartments.<br>“Currently, the City is not legally obligated to provide housing for the former YMCA residents.<br>However, one of the City’s guiding principles is to provide housing and human services support<br>to at-risk residents, and City Council has approved measures to continue to provide housing and<br>appropriate support services for this low-income and vulnerable population,” adds Miller. “It’s<br>important also to note that the City is not forcing anyone to move. Every resident can choose to<br>voluntarily relocate to accommodations we have identified outside City limits or they can<br>relocate to somewhere of their own choosing.<br><br>This is an unfair move as “ FULL RENT PAYING TENANTS” TUSCAN CREEK IS MISLEADING THE PUBLIC ABOUT SAFETY, AND WELL BEING HERE. THEY KNOW ABOUT THE CRIME . They have an office here …that takes care of just the YMCA residents …if you have problems you have to fill out a formal complaint risking your life and well being as all the dope dealers and crack heads soon know you complained. <br><br>If THE NEW TUSCAN CREEK MANAGEMENT WANTS TO CLEAN UP COBBLE CREEK AND I BELIEVE THEY DO AS THEY HAVE RAISED THE RENT CONSIDERABLY WEEDING OUT SOME OF THE GARBAGE, GET RID OF THE YMCA HOMELESS DREGS OF SOCIETY AND THERE CRIME ….WE DON’T WANT IT HERE.<br><br>I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND LIVING HERE UNTIL LEASE OF YMCA IS GONE AND OVER ..IT JUST ISN’T SAFE.<br>WHY DOES TUSCAN CREEK CONTINUE TO MISLEAD PEOPLE READING ABOUT THESE PROPERTIES AND NOT INFORM THEM OF THE "LOW INCOME VULNERABLE POPULATION" AS THE CITY CALLS IT.<br><br>STOP LYING TO POTENTIAL TENNANTS AND DO WHATS RIGHT<br>
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Cobble Creek

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