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Cobble Creek



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 - 2008 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/16/2008
October 13, 2008 Update- This is a WARNING! DO NOT RENT here. Just when I thought it could not get any worse it did. The low price is not worth the price of your life. Today shots rang out in the parking lot. Upon inspection I saw a man with a rifle/shotgun and people running. 7 Washtenaw Sheriff Cars and 2 State Police Cars showed up and set up a perimeter. At least one suspect was put into custody. The crime level has shot through the roof. If you value your life PLEASE DO NOT rent here. It was like an episode of COPS and I now fear for my life when leaving my apartment. October 12, 2008 Update- This is a warning to all single females considering this apartment. Please for your own safety DO NOT rent here. There has been a significant increase in crime and thugs hanging around. I would not recommend renting here unless you have a concealed weapons permit. I just came back for school this September and thug activity has increased over the summer. Two weeks ago 5 Washtenaw County Sheriffs were in parking lot for what I suspect to be a possible drug raid. Every night there are cars that will show up late at night and someone will leave the car and enter the apartment building. After a short while the person will return to the vehicle and drive off. There must be some sort of drug dealing happening as there is really no other reason to show up at 2-3am in a place you do not live. Please ignore remarks below as conditions have definitely changed. I would consider a different apartment complex to rent. The crime and thug activity here has grown exponentially. ---------------------------- I moved into Tuscan Creek in August of 2007. I live in a very large one bedroom apartment. All of the appliances are updated and work great. The apartment was clean when I moved in and everything was in good working order. The staff is very nice and remembers who you are (I only go in once a month to pay rent but they know my name everytime I step into the office). It is pretty quiet at night with a few noises but that can be expected when you live in an apartment. Some of the tenants are a little strange/trashy but I hardly notice them since I keep to myself most of the time. The laundry facility is fairly clean and there is hardly anyone in there most of the time. The previous bad ratings do not give this place any credit. I suspect that they gave bad ratings because they were paying rent late, calling maintenance about every little thing (i.e. light bulb went out), not abiding by the lease agreement. I pay my rent on time and follow the lease rules and do not hear from the management but once a month (when I go in myself to pay rent). Overall, I really enjoy Tuscan Creek and would recommend this place to anyone.
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Cobble Creek

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