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Warren_robinson30 • Resident 2015 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/07/2015
I moved in to country meadows in May. My cousin moved with me so we got a two bedroom apartment. Our rent is 760.00/month. Well my cousin couldn't afford to pay the rent. So I have been paying by myself. Unfortunately for me I got sick and it caused me to lose my job earlier this month. Well no job equals no money so obviously I don't have the rent money. Well I have started 2 new jobs so I can pay rent and other bills. I received a demand for payment notice saying that I had to pay rent in full in 7 days to avoid court charges. So I called the manager hoping we could come to some kind of agreement and get this rent paid. Well after I explained my situation to her, the response I get is "there is nothing I can do, you will just have to pay the court fees if rent is not paid by the 11th." Then I go on to ask about my cousin being on the lease because nothing says her name on it even though she signed her initial as well. Then I get a response saying "I'm not sure I would have to look it up in the computer." This is ridiculous. First of all if somebody is telling you they don't have rent money, why would you tac on another fee to put them further in the hole? Secondly are you serious? You can't take 2 seconds to look in the computer and see if somebody is on the lease? If I am able to finish off my lease I will not be signing again and I advise you all to serious think before moving here. Seems as if all they care about is their money I get it they need to get paid too and it isn't their fault I got sick and lost my job nor is it their fault that my cousin refuses to pay rent. However it is their fault they act as though they can't help out or are even interested in what'd being said. If my cousin is still on the lease, I feel as though they should be going after her as well. Again not matter what happens with the place I won't be signing another lease with them.
Country Meadows Apartments Manager10/11/2015

Dear Warren_robinson30, We are truly sorry to hear of the unfortunate situation your sickness put you in. Health concerns can be unpredictable and we understand how being sick seems to make everything else a little harder. We respect and appreciate every single one of our residents and we did not by any means want you to fell like your issues are not being acknowledged. Our process on how we handle late payment is gone over during the lease signing. You are welcome to come in and get a copy of your lease at anytime. When filing with the court everybody on the lease will be named. So if your cousin is indeed on the lease then she will also be named in the court case. If you have any further questions regarding this process you can contact our corporate office through our resident portal at [email protected] We are happy to hear that you have found two jobs and we hope that we can resolve this issue as quickly as possible.

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