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Country Meadows Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2015 - 2016 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/22/2016
I moved in here last year because it seemed to be one of the few apartments that accepted large dog breeds. My first complaint was the first initial day of moving in when I walked through the apartment with the maintenance guy; claiming that it was brand new carpet and brand new laminate flooring, when there was cuts in the laminate and there were stains in the carpet, and leftovers along the edge of the carpet from the previous tenant. When I went to cook dinner later that night, I found my stove to have been "wiped" down, not at all cleaned, and when I looked, there was a disgusting yellow slime all over my stove, and it smelled like there might have been a leak in the gas. I looked at the grates on the stove and I swear they had not been cleaned in years, and after scrubbing them with a brillow pad, soaking them in hot water, and eventually trying to scrape it off with a knife, I gave up. I was absolutely disgusted, and knew at that moment I wouldn't feel completely "at home" here. The maintenance guy documented that I didn't have any globe in my bedroom on the light, well, after almost a year of being here, I still never received that globe. They have extremely bad house centipede problems, and when I say extremely bad, I mean EXTREME. I am a clean person, and even after contacting the office and having them spray my apartment TWICE, they still come back and they are huge. Heat for the apartment is included in rent, which is nice, when it doesn't feel like it's a million degrees. I've tried using their dial on the very outdated heating system, but no matter even if I turn the heat off, it still feels like the hottest place on planet earth. Lately I have been getting 48 hour notices on my door stating that they HAVE to come in to my apartment to do random things; check for leaking faucets, install carbon monoxide detectors (WHY HAS THIS NOT BEEN DONE A LONG TIME AGO?) etc etc. I do have a large breed dog, friendly, and I do keep him in a kennel while I'm not home, but when someone enters my apartment and it is not me, he barks and gets frustrated like any other dog. Their notice states that their 48 hour notification fulfills the 48 hour obligation to provide advance notice. I work 6 days a week, and unless I get a decent amount of "notification" (as I suspect most people have a similar issue) I can't get my dog out of the house. The ridiculous urgent, mandatory notifications demanding they HAVE to enter have become quite aggravating. As far as the community, my experience with noise has been awful. People in my building smoke weed, which leaks under their door and out into the community hallway. I reported it to the management office, and it stopped for about a week. Lighting outside is OKAY now, but for about 6 months, there was no light outside our building, which made it pretty creepy to get into. Noise is ridiculous, if you enjoy any amount of peace and quiet, this is probably not the place you want to be. And also, the overall condition of the apartment when I moved in, was pretty sketchy. The apartment looked rough; lots of bad patch holes in the drywall, some of them as big as your average flat screen TV, and there are multiple of them throughout the apartment, on the walls, on the ceilings, etc. I'm rating this a 1 out of 5 stars because honestly, If I would have known that I would be this uncomfortable living here, and that I would have this many issues, I would rather work my life away and struggle to afford a nicer apartment then to have extra money and live in this place. I've been counting down the months left on my lease since the month after I moved in. Hopefully they don't try to charge me for damage that was reported on my lease before I moved in.
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Country Meadows Apartments

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