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Country Meadows Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2016 - 2017 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/15/2017
Can't wait to move out of this apartment! Let's start with the grounds - at first glance it is lovely. Nice long entrance with trees and a fence. Every thing appears to be well kept... but a few weeks ago an upset resident decided to spray paint "slumlord" and "roach hotel" on 5 different buildings! Plus our trash had not been picked up in over 2 weeks. It was pretty clear someone was not paying the bills. It has since been removed and corrected, but it really left a lot of red flags in my mind. The office staff sucks. The only good person they had, Brittany, has since quit. The "manager" is a useless moron and the other office ladies are rude. But in all fairness - you can tell that they deal with A LOT of complaints. The laundry facilities are GROSS. So many problems with their machines. If you need maintenance done I highly recommend that you submit a formal letter requesting maintenance. So that way, when they fail to address it - you can take it up with the Ypsilanti Building Department and get an inspector out here because YES - you will have issues that will require formal help. Maintenance tries to help but they are clearly working short staffed and are clearly doing the bare minimum to keep this place going. There have been several occasions where the is no hot water or even no water at all. Complaining doesn't help so again, refer to the building department if you want it addressed. The apartment I lived in was clean but had rotten subfloors in the dining room and bathroom. After dealing with a persistent leak in the bathroom, I had to seek legal counsel and the township in order to have someone come out and cite this place for code violations. Not only were they breaking fire code by not having a smoke detector in every building - they were cited for the rotten subfloors etc and required to fix it within 7 days. Boy did they sure move fast once that happened! My downstairs neighbors didn't have a ceiling in their bathroom for almost a month due to the fact that maintenance was flat out ignoring it. Lots of issues here. The only reason I am moving now is because since my apartment has been formally inspected and my issues have been addressed - I feel comfortable allowing someone else to sublet and move in here. They will probably have the only apartment in this place that is safe to live in. Overall, don't plan on staying here a long time and document EVERYTHING!
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Country Meadows Apartments

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    • (Resident photo uploaded on 02/15/2017) Image of Country Meadows Apartments in Ypsilanti, MI
    • (Resident photo uploaded on 02/15/2017) Image of Country Meadows Apartments in Ypsilanti, MI
    • (Resident photo uploaded on 02/15/2017) Image of Country Meadows Apartments in Ypsilanti, MI
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