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Country Meadows Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2017 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/17/2017
In the simplest terms, the buildings in this apartment complex are almost 50 years old, and one or more previous landlords didn't bother with maintenance issues (probably because at the time they only charged about half the usual rent for the area). Fortunately the new landlords are working to improve the situation, but they can't yet offer fantastic service because of the huge backlog of problems that they inherited. At the moment, I would say the best reason to live here is that you don't have a lot of money, but even that won't last for long: they are increasing the rent for all new customers. So what can you expect for your money? Well, when I signed my lease, the administrators absolutely refused to show me the actual unit, and forced me to rent sight-unseen. Upon moving in, I immediately had to hire a carpet cleaner because there were several large cat-pee stains in the middle of the carpet, which might be related to the pint of kitty-litter that I vacuumed up under the radiator. Even the carpet cleaner guy said the landlords are required by state law to clean the carpet between tenants. . . . Go figure. Also, you'll probably never take a shower here without being scalded or frozen at unpredictable moments. Once the heat is turned on for winter, the only way to regulate the temperature is by opening and closing your windows, as the radiator thermostat doesn't work well. I ended up closing the radiator valve manually to avoid roasting. The floors squeak loudly enough that if you live anywhere but the ground floor, your neighbors will have a pretty good idea of where you are and what you are doing at all times. Several of the outlets in my unit had also been painted shut and had to be scraped open, and the light fixtures still had dead bugs inside. In the kitchen, most of the cabinet doors were warped and frequently gouge my scalp when they swing open unexpectedly. I also had to replace the filter in the range above the stove myself, as the previous one was caked with oil. Curiously, someone even cut a piece of carpeting out of the closet to make a patch in the next room. And to top off the list, the laundry room has 9 washing machines, but only 5-6 of them are in working condition at any given time. I don't mean to sound overly harsh though, as the buildings do appear to have good roofs, plenty of parking, and the windows appear to have been recently replaced. I personally enjoy the large expanses of lawn available, and if you have kids, there are several schools within walking distance. The current landlords also made a number of cosmetic improvements to the laundry room in 2017, although not exactly the improvements I was looking for (air conditioning would have been fabulous, as would moving one machine so that the aisle is accessible from either end). And finally, they offer $25/month rent discounts if you work for any of the universities in town.
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Country Meadows Apartments

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