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julie716cat • Resident 2015 - 2016 Recommended
Reviewed 08/25/2016
I lived here from August 2015 to August 2016. I can honestly say that it was the best rental experience I've had. If I didn't move out of state I would still be living there! Here are some of the Pros/Cons: PRO: Apartment was beautiful and well maintained. The floors were wooden and it was freshly painted when I moved in. It was also very clean, I didn't have to do much other than sweep the floors a bit before I moved in. CON: You pay for it. The rent is on the high end for Ypsi, though still below most places in AA. PRO: Maintenance staff was always prompt and courteous. To be fair, I did not have any major issues, but the small issues that did come up were always promptly responded to. I used phone/email instead of the tenant portal for maintenance requests, so I cannot comment on the portal. PRO: Within walking distance to EMU and Cross St. bars/restaurants, also walking distance to downtown Ypsi and Depot Town. CON: I mean, it's Ypsi, so there are some less-than-savory people you may encounter occasionally. However, I never had any problems with crime, street harassment, etc., in the year that I lived there. PRO: Allows cats. CON: Charges $25/month pet fee. PRO: Everything except electricity is included. I cannot stress how important it is to think about utilities before renting somewhere! Sure the rent may be cheaper, but if you're paying $250 a month on heat, then that needs to factor in. Though the heat at Flo-Mar is included in rent, you do have a thermostat and thus can control it. The internet is wired unless you buy your own router, but for me a really long Ethernet cable did the trick. CON: The included internet does not support gaming, and actually blocks access to game systems. About halfway into my tenure at Flo-Mar, my Xbox stopped working. I actually think this is fair (I'm sure gaming takes up a lot of bandwidth), HOWEVER, had I known it was going to happen I would have opened my own internet account from the start; with only 5 months to go I decided not to. PRO: Courteous rental office and always prompt to respond! Renee and Amy really went above and beyond in my opinion. Included when I was still apartment hunting from many states away, Renee gave me basically a "virtual tour" which made the process very enjoyable. While I lived there, I'm pretty sure all of my emails were responded to within a day or so. As part of this, they always gave notice/asked permission if they could enter my apartment for viewings, etc. PRO: Generally flexible. Though they request notice of lease renewal ridiculously early (5 months into lease; Jan 2016), they were flexible with me given that I was interviewing for post-docs and did not know if I'd be staying or going until March 2016. IDK if they are always able to be this flexible but they definitely were accommodating to me. PRO: At move-out time, they will do a walk-through of your apartment to tell you what/if you need to clean before moving out, to ensure you will receive your cleaning deposit and also give you an idea about your security deposit. Amy was very quick about this but ensured me that everything looked good. CON: The move-out cleaning list is extensive and took me a long time, and I started days in advance. However, this means that when you move in it is really clean, so that's good! OK I think that's all I have for now. I haven't yet received my security deposit/cleaning deposit, so if something sketchy happens with that (which I don't anticipate), I'll come back and leave a comment on the review. In sum, if you can afford to live here and the location is desirable, you definitely should! Thanks Flo-Mar!
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