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Resident · 2009 - 2011
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Office Staff
I lived here from September of 2009 through February of 2010. My rent was 599/month with everything but tv/internet included for a two bedroom with a balcony and partial lake view. I had to pay $15/month extra for my cat, but he did not have a deposit required. My security deposit was equal to one month rent, but my first month rent was also only $99. They have move in specials all the time. There is ALWAYS adequate parking. I've always been able to find a spot in the front lot, and there's always a ton of space on top of the parking garage. The apartment is really nice - they installed new carpet before I moved in, and gave it a fresh paint job (with the exception of the kitchen, where the paint job was never completed. (This, among the coloring of the cabinets actually was the reason my rent was so low, they discounted it for the few things they admitted were wrong, but they were entirely cosmetic.) The bedrooms both have nice big closets. The hall closet and kitchen pantry closet have adequate space, not to mention the entrance closet. The heat and air conditioning work really well. The dishwasher and stove are great as well. Its relatively safe here. I have neighbors that fight constantly, and my other neighbors played music at obnoxious hours. However, we called the cops on both - and for the most part, the noise has desisted. The staff is really nice. They're willing to work with you if you run into trouble, and all you have to do is talk to them. As long as you communicate well, things go great. The only people they have a problem with are people who don't pay rent, don't say when they're going to pay rent, and don't make an effort at all. I've had financial trouble on more than one occasion, and they've always pulled through for me. Those who say the staff is racist are completely crazy, seeing as some of the staff are NOT Caucasian. In the year and a half that I lived here, I only saw one arrest - and I don't know what it was for. But I've never heard gunshots, I've never heard of major crime. Noise complaints and fighting, but the police take care of those really well. There is some other noises you can hear too - sirens if you have doors or windows open, and the dump trucks during the day, airplanes overhead (its not far from the airport), and lawn mowing during the summer. However, if you keep your doors and windows closed, for the most part, all these noises are relatively muffled. Maintenance is great - if I want something done, it gets done. I've also never had a problem with bugs. I saw a few Asian beetles once, and a couple of ants. The ants I only saw a couple in my shower and a couple in my kitchen, and in the kitchen it was my fault because I had accidentally left food on the counter. The staff has sent multiple letters saying that the building does have an ant problem in general, and the exterminators have been constantly in and out to work on it. But if you keep your stuff clean, for the most part, you'll almost never see any bugs. I've also never seen mold anywhere. I've never had anything break and flood.
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