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Resident · 2010 - 2011
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My boyfriend, and I moved in with my son (infant) about 6 months ago. We locked in a year lease, and we began to regret it the first week in. We have ANTS. Pharaoh ants to be exact. These things are relentless! Management has had the building sprayed (which is a no no) numerous times. Resulting in the colony of ants splitting, and becoming bigger. They get into your food, we have to keep EVERYTHING in the fridge. Pastas, chips, cereal, EVERYTHING. They get into baby formula! Everytime they sprayed for ants, I had to take my son to my mothers house, move all of my furniture in all the rooms to the middle of each room.. and we STILL have ants. Its impossible to kill them. Besides the ants, the building leaks. If you happen to be on the 8th floor or lower, if someones dishwasher above you begins to leak, It will rain down into your apartment, same with sinks, toilets, tubs, ect. Kids mess with wires on the outside of the building, resulting in comcast having to come out and fix the wires, but then the kids just go back at it. And CURRENTLY, we have no hot water. Usually this is not a big deal, management tells you when it should be back on. Today, we received notes on our doors telling us they dont know when it will be back on because the part to fix whatever is broke is "In limited supply". Management is a joke. When we signed out lease one told us we couldnt paint, the other one told us we could. No one is on the same page, and the actually owner is no where to be found and no one can get in tough with him. The grounds are disgusting! The halls STINK! The carpet in the halls are NASTY, and people let their teenagers do whatever they please and management does nothing about it. The apartments are a nice size, and if you get a lake view, that might just sell it's self to you, it did for us. Now, we're here for another 6 months, and I am counting down the days. Not to mention when people move out of here, or are evicted, they are nasty. One family pooped and peed all over a mattress, and left it in their apartment 2 weeks before they were to move out, without the air on last october. Maintenance had to take it out to the dumpsters in the ELEVATOR! Each floor stunk so bad. Since living here we've had 6 LEAKS into our apartment from apartments above ours, 4 lights go out in the kitchen that took over a month to replace, Ants destroy over $300 in food. (Our first big shopping spree when we moved in we bought over $500 in food, and lost more then half due to the ants) not to mention the numerous cans of baby formula I had to throw away.. And if you know how expensive that stuff is.. it hurts. We've had crack heads knock on our door at 4 in the morning claiming we didnt belong here. We've had teenagers insult my INFANT son on the elevator, claiming "White babies are so ugly" (For the record my son is ADORABLE! =] ) The parking lot is a DISASTER in winter, a total sheet of ice. Summer, the kids play around the cars, and when somethings damaged.. "No one seen anything." Noise is not too bad.. in your apartment you can only hear the people above you. Concrete walls def help. At night I dont feel safe walking to my car, theres alot of strange people that live here. All furnaces are in the living rooms, and not air, or heat get to the back bedroom. Each floor has ONE washer and ONE dryer that you have to pay to use. We used them once, and my clothes had been gone thru and my son's onesies and my panties were missing. Coulda been a prank.. but gross. Over all, I highly urge you to rethink moving in. If its the only option you have because utilities are included, I get it.. but it is worth it in the long run to rent from somewhere else. Everywhere has its issues, but read the reviews, make sure management at least attempts to correct things.
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