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Riverside Manor Apartments



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NoRiversideManor4u • Resident 2008 - 2011 Not Recommended
Reviewed 12/30/2011
After staying out here for almost 4 years I have to say that Im dissatisfied and ready to move out of here. There are regular fights or gatherings in the parking lot on weekend nights and the security does nothing. My neighbor was shot in the face in the building, a high speed chase almost ended with an explorer truck parked in my living room. I had my apartment door kicked in after I left at 9 AM and although theres always someone on the stairs by the door(people supposed to be cleaning), everything ended up in a unit upstairs and nobody saw them except the one staff member who let the office know (thank God). One of my neighbors had the nerve to set her trash on my car simply because she was too lazy to carry it across the lot to her car before she took it to the can. Speaking of my car, theres supposed to be a no pet policy to my understanding and one night Im sitting in my car smoking a cigerette after I pulled up and a neighbors cat hops on my hood and walks right up to the window, I shoo it and it got scared turned and bolted which left cat claw scratches in the hood of my car. I need antifreeze........ I have complained about numerous things needing repair in the apartment and they band-aid things instead of fixing the root cause (water leak for instance) they just keep putting a new peice of wood over the molded mess under the sink. Theres lumpy patch work in the wall from a hole left after the break in that they havnt returned to smooth over. When I first moved in the bathroom sinks wooden base was all messed up. They gave me a brand new sink and base, the base is garbage again due to not fixing the leak that caused it and water from taking a shower going along the tub/wall joint and running in the floor. Tub was needing a reglaze when I moved in, never got it and now I wouldnt bath in it if I was a female. The neighbors upstairs flooded their kitchen sink so when I came home there was water dripping from the deformed ceiling which they said they would fix after it dried, that never got fixed. I swear the building is falling in the ground too because my dishwasher has tilted back and started to remove itself from the cabnit spot. AAL (the laundry machine company) cant keep the washers and dryers in proper working order so you get regularly ripped off there. It was fine when I first moved in minus a few incidents in the parking lot on the weekends and then it seems like as soon as they started hiring extra help for property maintence which is a bunch of younger guys everything went to hell. As has been said in reviews before, Dennise worked with getting me in here as well as me being late on payments. I would say she worked with me on the security deposit but I paid half of it and told her due to needing a place asap that the recarpeting and retiling they were going to do was unnessary. She did lie to me though and told me 2 years ago that they dont do month to month leases and due to not wanting to move in the winter I resigned the 13 month lease. I just found out at the end of this years lease I could do month to month for 30 extra a month. Oh and recently people have been urinating in the corners of the hallways lately. Im sure Im leaving some stuff out but if this isn't enough you dont care and to that I would reply this is the place for you, you can have my unit after I find somewhere else.
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Riverside Manor Apartments

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    • (Resident photo uploaded on 12/30/2011) Image of Riverside Manor Apartments in Ypsilanti, MI
    • (Resident photo uploaded on 12/30/2011) Image of Riverside Manor Apartments in Ypsilanti, MI
    • (Resident photo uploaded on 12/30/2011) Image of Riverside Manor Apartments in Ypsilanti, MI
    • (Resident photo uploaded on 12/30/2011) Image of Riverside Manor Apartments in Ypsilanti, MI
    • (Resident photo uploaded on 12/30/2011) Image of Riverside Manor Apartments in Ypsilanti, MI
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