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Riverside Manor Apartments



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Office Staff
ReadytoBreakLease • Resident 2008 Not Recommended
Reviewed 12/21/2008
My fianc and I moved in together in August, I was on unemployment and the apartment wasn't the best, but for our money, it was all we could afford. Since we moved in, it's been nothing but a hassle. After being here a month in September, there was a leak behind the bathroom shower wall and mold started to grow. I called the office, it was supposedly fixed the same day. In October, the leak returned and of course so did the mold. I also noticed that my houseplants were dying...there was MOLD growing on the dirt. I changed the dirt, cleaned the plants and the pots. Mold returned. Also, mold was growing in the windowsills from the condensation on the windows ALL the time. They supposedly fixed the leak again. In November, we were awakened at 2AM but the toilet bubbling over onto the bathroom floor...white, foamy, soapy water EVERYWHERE. It took 2 hours for the drunken maintenance man to get here just to tell us, oh, it's not doing it now, so it's okay. It's happened before, someone upstairs must have put some soap or paper towel in the toilet and it's stuck in the pipes. (We're on the bottom floor.) WTH!? Now, it's December, and the leak in the shower returned, the mold is back in the windowsills, and on tpp of everything else, we have NO HEAT! It's steam heat from one of those baseboard registers. Normally, a #1 setting is enough to keep it toasty, but we live in Michigan and it's been snowing since Friday and close to zero degrees...we've kept it on #3. Today, all day it's been on #5, the highest setting. Usually that makes it like a sauna in here. Not today. It's a whopping 40 degrees in here! I checked with my neighbor across the hall, who also has a corner unit and SHE has heat! Maintenance came in 2 hours ago and said, because we're on the corner of the building and the windows aren't insulated the 'best' it's just cold in here. His advice, cover up the A/C wall unit and windows with plastic...we did that...still no heat. I called the answering service again and asked that now the Manager be contacted, as she's been contacted before when we've had emergency issues at night. Why am I being pranked, cursed out and called by the answering service for demanding a different resolution than sending the maintenance man out AGAIN just to tell me the same thing AGAIN. I'm SO frustrated, pissed, and sitting here in tears at 1130PM wrapped in a blanket, fully clothed in an apartment I pay for! And on top of that, what about the obvious health hazards? I'm extra paranoid becuase I'm pregnant, but even still, mold isn't good for ANYONE. I'm due in June and the lease isn't up until August...I'm worried about what kind of damage I'm doing now and what will happen to my baby once I have to bring it to this horrible place. Mold everywhere, we've had gnats from the water leakage, and now no heat!?! It's so cold; I don't even want to shower, because I know I'll freeze when I get out. My last resort...I'm filing a complaint with the city tomorrow about the mold, the leak, and the heat and putting my January rent into an escrow account. GGGRRRR! On top of just my own personal apartment issues...there are always people lingering outside the apartment entrance drinking, smoking, making drug transactions. I've even had female family members harrassed by the men outside when they come to visit me. Parking is ridiculous, there are more handicap spots than regular spots available. The only other option is to pay and extra $25 per month to secure a spot in the covered area. You can hear your neighbors conversations, snoring, having sex, and what they're watching on TV or listening to the radio like it's happening right in your apartment. Maintenance is not reliable nor do I think they truly know how to FIX anything. Things have obviously just been patched and painted over (and not even decently painted) instead of really addressing the underlying issue. You can tell that our apartment was painted when we moved in, but it wasn't CLEANED! There is HAIR painted into the wall in the bathroom! The laundry room on site is filthy and known for sexual activity between people lingering in the building. The front secure door is constantly broken/snatched open allowing any and everybody to get in. The ONLY positive has been that the manager worked with me financially on moving in. I'm thankful for that, but if you don't feel safe in your own home, what good is it to be there?
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Riverside Manor Apartments

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