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The Lake Shore Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/28/2005
Where do I begin? Hmmmm. Oh! I know! how about since day one life has been hell for us living in this community. We lives at LITW for 2 years when it started of McKinley, we moved out recently being Bayshore. ANyways, when we moved in our apartment was grimie, I spent three days cleaning out cabinets and the bathroom from centipeded and mice droppings. The apartment hadn't been inhibited for months obviously. When I complained to management after the fact when I turned in my inventory checklist, they didnt offer compensation or cleaning or anything. So I'll come back to this. Then we had a huge bug problem from the filthy neighbors and it spread into our place. Now that we have moved out and moved on, we carried those nasty little silverfish centipede things with us. I guess I can look at it as a little goodbye gift from Bayshore. So moving on, we had to live in the same building as a bunch of drunks. I lived on the first fl. and "they" lived on the 3rd. The one girl (who eventually got evicted) constantly came to my apartment freaking out, looking for booze and drugs. The guy across the hall from her is just a drunk schmuck who screws a lot of woman who think they are the only one and then when they find out they aren't, start fighting and get beat down by him. Can we figure out who we are without names? I think so. Oooh OOhhh I almost forgot, half the woman in the customer service/leasing office have screwed just about every guy that lived or lives in my building. How unprofessional, isn't that against fair housing in someway? If you screw one ofour residents, don't you have to screw them all? I guess your still working on that huh? And in this case, we do show favorites especially when I go to the office to make a complaint about the disturbance, arguing and excessive noise throughout the night and thelegal document that i wrote up and submitted to the office was somehow tossed in the waste instead of making it to the violating residents file. So other than the unprofessionalism demonstrated by the leasing/customer service girls, the only Maint. person that seemed competant was Mike. I felt so bad for that guy, I had to call him in the middle of the night at times because I would come home from work and my bathroom would be loaded down with raw sewage from back ups in the pipes. (not LITW fault) but several times when it happened, they didnt even offer a sanitation crew to clean it, I HAD TO CLEAN IT. One time a maint. guy brought in a shop vac, sucked up all the poop and then dumped it in the back yeard sewage drain. I just wnated to say thanks to Mike. I know its hard when you have to work around people who are harder on you because your not a woman or because your not of white color in skin. Keep your head up. So I read a review about the girl maint. and I started laughing, I cna picture her chasing after her girlfriend, you know... the one that she makes out with publically on the golf cart or the one that makes out with get girlfriend while she is on the clock in front of my building when she is suppose to be fullfilling a maint. request. Yeah! thats the one anyways, I can just picture her having an argument with her little friend and chasing after her and kicking in her car doors. Thats the problem with living where you work and dating people you work with, double whammy! So in ending, I am obviously no worker of the Brookline, Mckinley, Lakeshore Bayshore whatever... I have obvious and distinctive complaints and once you all read this I am sure it will be very easy for you to identify who you are, because everyone else knows. By the way, I meant to get back to that whole cleaning situation. So when I put in my notice to vacate, they made me sign this little paper saying that all of these things needed to be clean before move out or I would be charge these outrageous fees. BY LAW you can not charge for cleaning. HA! I didn't know this until I moved out. Yep, they had a little $50 charge here and $150 charge there. They wanted to charge me for the hood vent being dirty. That stuff wasn't cleaned when I moved in!!! Also, they have 30days (BY LAW) to return your security deposit to you providing that you submit a forwarding address within 4 days of moveout (which of course I did). Haven't gotten that good old deposit back yet! Its been over a month. If they keep your deposit, they must provide an itemized list of the reasons for keeping your money, haven't gotten one of those either. I know my rights, and everyone else who rents should review yours too. Because if not, then you can get screwed by people like Bayshore. I hope everyone learns a lesson from all of my hardships at this community.
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The Lake Shore Apartments

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