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The Lake Shore Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/04/2007
I have lived at this apartment complaex for just over 2 years (we are moving out in less than a month). This place seemed right at the time-We had short notice and didn't have the funds other apatment complexes were asking for-at the time. When we initially came to meet with someone and look at an aprtment, we were promised the world. We were excited when we were able to move into an apartment with a lake view. As soon as we moved in, things went downhill-FAST. When asked about the things we were promised, their response was "that girl was lying to everyone, so we fired her." None of these "promises" were ever fulfilled. When we first moved in, we were never issued the form you fill out when you first move in-You know that form that you have to mark any issues with the apartment, to try and cover your ---. Ofcourse I didnt think to look over every detail of the apartment-i.e; the hood over the stove (grease drippings hardened from the last tenant-never cleaned), the areas between the stove and the refridgerator (filthy-you can't even see the floor), underneath the drawer that is held underneath the stove had someone's old pack of cigarettes and other garbage, etc. Our first week in, I noticed a pungent smell-exaclty like a wet, dirty dog. We were told it was from the pipes being so old. When our current next door neighbors moved in, we got a visitor in the apartment-a MOUSE-when we first complained, we were told, they would send someone-no one ever showed-the rodent would keep us up at all hours of the night-after many complaints, they gave us one of those old traps and were told "you will have to take care of this yourself." When we finally caught the little guy, we were told we have to dispose of it, ourselves. Now I know bugs/insects are in every home/apartment, etc, but every other week "eradico" had to come out and set out poison-It was so bad, we had to throw out alot of food, since the bugs got into the food. The garbage was always overflowing. One day we were driving into the apartment and some woman and her boyfriend kept staring at us, followed by them, "what the ---- you staring at, -----?!?" We didn't do anything-just glanced at these 2. I was harassed on a few occasions, walking into my apartment. Groups of people stand around in the parking lots, smoking weed and harassing tenants. The security company we have isn't much, but it isnt there fault since they get paid very little and are initially told thatif they notice any trouble-don't do anything, but call the cops. I know that for a fact since my significant other worked for that comapny for about 2 weeks (horrible experince in his words). When it came to signing a second year lease (again with the short notice-which is our fault), we wanted to upgrade to one of the nicer apartments, which they bragged had stainless steel kitchens and such. When we inquired about that-we were told our rent would go up another $200.00/month!! We refused, since we didnt have it, at the time. Our second year here, has gotten much worse. It seems like every other tenant owns a pitbull, that barks ALL THE TIME. The laundry rooms are horrible and keep going up in price. We have a neighbor a few doors down, that roams the halls and props the side doors open, so whomever can walk in-I don't want to make the allegation that crack is being smoked inthat apartment, but these people fit the bill-100%. I have seen people walk in and out of there-bunt out like they havent slept in days, with all types of different appliances-I know I shouldn't stereotype, but something is going on in that apartment. The parking spaces are horrible-I have scratches and dents all over my car-and that is when i can get a decent spot. I could really go on and on and on about this place, but I have packing to do, since we are finally out of this hell-hole. One more thing-the staff is RUDE-the woman office staff stand around outside gossiping and swearing and smoking, right infront for the residents to see/hear/inhale. I tried giving this place a chance, but I can only take so much-I have never felt this strong/negative about an apartment complex. I'm sorry, I just dont recommend this place to anyone.
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The Lake Shore Apartments

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