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Office Staff
Resident 1999 - 2000 Recommended
Reviewed 03/11/2002
Huron View has a bad reputation in the EMU community. After living there for a year, I think the bad and negative reputation is unfair. Huron View is a little rough, but so is all of Ypsilanti. The entire area has improved greatly, to a level above the rest of Ypsilanti. Yet the negative reputation has not. I moved there because Huron View did a lot to fix up the inside of their complex, while keeping there price below average. So my friends and I moved in with the thought of saving money, living in a fairly remodeled apartment with all new appliances and carpet, and ready to deal with all the crime, murder, drug dealers and the ------ atmosphere hype I heard about. But after I lived there I found it to be the good value that I expected without all the hype that I was told. Sure there was a time or so where there were hookers and dealers rolling through the parking lot and people occasionaly knocking on my door for money. But these were rare occurences, and that junk goes on all over Ypsi. To my knowlege, no apartment or car was ever broke into. The truth is Huron View is a good time. The police and huron view allow you to have parties. They let your friends and visitors park without being towed away. And plus they now have a mini-police station in the complex. After living there for a few month, I was upset at all the negative sterotypes surrounding Huron View when most the people talking and media (Eastern ECHO)had never even been over to see what it was really like. When it gets right down to it, most of the negative steryotypes stem form racism. Racist probally would not like Huron View, because there is a mix of about everyone there. We had about 100 friends or so come over saying they thought the area was supposed to be some out of control ------, when its actually is an ok place to live. Betty, the lease manger, is a very nice lady. During my stay I had one maintanece request, (Thanksgiving Day) and they had someone there to fix it right then. That is all I have to say.
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