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Cedar Glenn



Resident · 2007
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Office Staff
All of the above happened within 1 month, and the shortest of the year. On Thurs. Feb 1, 2007. My appartment complex was vandalized, the storage unit was broken into and 3 books of checks which were hidden in a lock box was broken open and stolen, all of my things were in the hallway or in other storage units that were opened due to theft. I went down to the storage unit on Feb 8, 2007 to get my 2006 tax documents, and to my surprise what I explained above was in front of me, all of my personal belongings, important but cluttering papers all over, photos stepped on and ripped and they littered the floor, I cried and cried, and called the apt "manager". She says oh yes we know your things were broken into it happened last Thursday, we were trying to get the word out by word of mouth......."WORD OF MOUTH".... I asked a neighbor if she was aware of the break in in the storage unit she said no, she asked me if I was aware of the mailbox break in and I said no. I closed my bank account to find that it had already been forclosed due to excessive overdraft fees and bounced checks, I told them about the break in, and now I owe 3,000 dollars, why who knows because banks suck! Well so does the management and the owner of Towers Management and Cedar Glenn apartments. I called Wes the owner and the man who collects my rent every month, and I said your staff neglected to tell me that my things were broken into A WEEK AGO why wans't I informed!! He said well what's the difference if we told you a week ago or we told you today, and i said NO ONE EVER TOLD ME I HAD TO FIND OUT ON MY OWN!!!!!!!!!! I've never been so upset. The next incident happened at 4am when i arrived home from sunny and beautiful Florida. WHen the person who drove me home couldn't get out...."what I said" he said um the door nob is turning but I can't get out, so ofcourse I call the "manager" she says well you'll have to call back later in the morning and i said why i'm calling you now i want this fixed before i leave in the morning and she then hung up on me. So my poor curtious driver had to chimmy down the side of my balcony and jump down. Morning came and I was rushing to work, and not to my surprise the door woulnd't open so therefore in a skirt I had to jump off of my balcony. After the fall I began to scream very loudly in pain, but i was almost late for work so I sucked it up like the soldier that I am, and limped painfully to my car. I called tim the "manager" when I arrived at work to tell him my ankle is the size of a softball and he said I was supposed to call in the am to get that fixed, they don't answer the phone until after 10am, i work at 8 am, i'm not paying rent here and i refuse to leave until i'm ready, i mean seriously what's next. and the closet door in bedroom fell on the top of my head! THIS PLACE IS ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE THE MANAGEMENT SUCKS AND YOU CAN POTENTIALLY DIE THERE!
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Cedar Glenn

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