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Resident 2004 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/27/2007
I moved into the devonshire apt and lived there for a year an a half until half of my apt building burnt down-So i was forced to move out due to water damaged and all my belongings were kept in a Pod-at first they told me that it will cost $200 a month to keep my things in there-I had my things put into these pod on July 21st but when i moved my items out September 1st my bill was over $600. My plans was to move out of the Devonshire apts when my lease was up in February 2007-however because of the situation I was out of a home for almost 2 months-I tried to find a different apt to live in i went to 5 different spots but because devonshire give me such a bad reference and saying i'm still renting from them I couldn't rent anywhere else. I was forced to move into the townhome at the devonshire due to no apts being available at that time. they told me that i wouldn't be able back into my old apt until October(very untrue because even in december the apts weren't ready yet) My rent went from $870 a month to $1160 a month-also they told me if i was to move back into an apt just like mine when it was available, it will be $925 a month. now please someone tell me, this was not my fault-i didn't cause this fire-i was force to move out, devonshire did not even care-all they did was tell me that they couldn't do anything about that and because i didn't have renters insurance all they can do is provide me with boxes and people to help move my things into a pod. I have a daughter & i'm a single mother-what was i suppose to do be out on the street? so what i end up doing was sign another lease for another year. I had no other options they wouldn't let me rent anywhere else. On top of that the townhouse was horrible-the walls were so thin-i heard my neighbors below me arguing everyday-screaming and threatening eachohter-it wasn't a safe place to raise a child in, the door to the linen closet broke due to me just opening it-the appliance was crap-I moved out February 1st breaking my lease-I tried to give them a notice November 30th telling them i will be leaving January 31st but they wouldn't accept my notice. so I just end up calling them in the office 2 weeks before me leaving and letting them know that i still plan to move out just like I told them in November-a couple of the staff were nice about it saying they understand others were not hearing me out at all-threatening to evict me and everything else. now I was okay with everything willing to pay the $4100 that they said that they will charge me for the early termination and the lease-I get a letter yesterday saying that i owe them over $5000 in ten days or else it will go to collection. I'm so frustrated with them-I cleaned that townhome top to bottom and the only damaged done was the broken door that for no reason it comes off its rail-I'm being charged for over $300 in clean up, over $500 in damages and $25.00 for change lock(when i returned there key)-<br>They try to get you for every little thing and make up things- i lived there in that townhome for 5 months-5 MONTHS!!!! and i was hardly ever home and when i was i had the neighbors arguing day and night this place is horrible-I would not recommend this spot to anyone-how can a place be so heartless, after you are forced to move out due to a fire that you didn't cause, forced to move into a more expensive townhome because they won't let you go anywhere else and then when you want to move out due to your crazy neighbors and giving them your notice they wanna charge you for everything little thing regardless if its your fault or not-<br>I will never ever recommend anybody ever living here- the appearance of the property is nice but don't let that fool you.I have never left a bad comment or bad recommendation about anything or anybody but from my experience here i wanted to let anybody who is thinking of moving here please, really think about it- think about you, your family, your life, your happiness and is it really worth it to go through everything I and others have been through???
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