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Parkview Apartments



Resident · 2006 - 2008
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Office Staff
where do i start? the management is terrible. they had my heat/air conditioning unit wired backwards for a year and a half!!! so thanks to them i paid triple on my energy bills. the walls are horribly thin and all the bedrooms seem to be on top of each other so you get to hear EVERYTHING everyone does around you. Because of that I have had the police called on me playing with my kids because they were laughing too loud. I have also gotten fines for my kids bike being left on my porch for 3 hours too long. I have gotten threatened with fines because sidewalk chalk looks dirty, so my kids got in trouble from that as well. The construction that happens every summer to the undersized parking lot is ridiculous. You get woken up by jackhammers at 6am every morning during some summer days without warning and my apt is right next to the lot. then the workers leave at 11am and come back at 2 for maybe and hour so it basically just screws up nap and sleep times if you have any kids at all. and god whatever u do, dont let them get sick or they will never sleep. they also have u get passes to park in the parking lot but never check them and there is never a parking spot past 9 or 10 at night so u may have to park a block or two away. they have lost my lease this year alone 3 times. i repeat...3TIMES!! and still accuse me of never signing on for this year!!! yeah they have a pool, but if there is ever heated water in there, u will feel lucky. the laundry rooms are a joke. half the time they dont work. if u go to any other floor other than 1st, you get to dry your clothes 3 or 4 times so they arent sopping wet anymore. then the dryers have blown up a few times as well. thank you fire dept for saving this --------. they also do landscaping evfery summer because they dont water the grass so it dies every year. but i guess this year they smartened up, cuz now they have a sprinkler pointed right on my porch every day its sunny my kids cant play outside now. they also refuse to give you your mail if it gets sent to the office if u had a package sent until your rent is paid. so all in all these apt have committed misdemeanors and federal offenses just with me and my husband and kids here for 2 years. they say they have a pet policy saying dogs are not allowed but some residents are allowed and others are not. i moved in here with a snake and 2 years later they threaten to evict me if i dont get rid of it even tho i signed all those damn leases owning a snake and when i interviewed this damn place they knew id move in with one. oh yeah and did i mention they refused to resign the lease they lost because i kept going in demanding a copy of the lease i had signed and they didnt want to deal with me anymore. because i asked for what was legally obligated to me, they kicked me and my kids out. good riddence in my mind. but now they are trying to add up as many fines as they can to get the last of whatever money they can out of me. all in all, terrible, horrible conditions and places to live here.
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Parkview Apartments

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