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8100 12th Avenue S, Bloomington, MN 55425
8100 12th Avenue S, Bloomington, MN 55425

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Southgate Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2010 Not Recommended

Reviewed 04/29/2010

I admit I lived at Southgate for too long, but it was within my means and close enough to work. I lived in two different apartments, a 1 bdr and a 2 bdr. Throughout the time I lived there I ran into a gamut of issues, most got fixed, some didn't, and some were created new. I won't bore you with the past issues but will instead focus on the problems that it had which prompted me to leave. -Parking: is ok, but it is 40 dollars for a small spot underground. I also had five or six times where someone parked in my spot. -Noise: This was a huge issue that was never addressed fully. I had a neighbor above who played his music loud and through all hours of the night. I knew he had a Nintendo Wii because I heard the Mii music through my ceiling. They were informed several times they were too loud by the office and myself but they took no further action. -Safety: The clientele started to get rough before I left. That and the neighbors above were loud (see above). I had people walk across my 1st level porch late at night right by my back door. -Construction was cheap. Most of the fixtures and furniture was old and gets replaced by more old. I had a bad AC that tended to freeze up and blow no cool air. It got replaced by another AC that did the same thing. The first time I called about a malfunctioned AC, I was accused of having my bed too close. It was 3 feet away from the unit. When I transferred to the two bedroom apartment, I came to a place with spots all over the carpet, with a large hard space in the master bedroom that looked like someone spilled super glue all over. This was never fixed or rectified. i was told to buy a rug and I would be compensated. The apartment also had a large crack in the window that they took a month to fix. -Maintenance: Was up and down. Sometimes they would get a poor maintenance man, and sometimes they would be phenomenal. The guy there before I left was good, but I give the apartment low marks because you might show up and get a maintenance person who doesn't give a rip. -Staff: Was in a word horrible. They were less bad than when I moved in. Generally I got excuses. Recently I left a message for a maintenance request. After no word for a week I called the office during office hours and I found out that leaving messages was a bad idea because the answering MACHINE was not reliable. The Head Manager seemed to mean well but was inept. Usually when there was a problem, I got a "I should fire that person" or some other excuse. The staff in the office that lived there did very well and worked to make things happen, but Nan the Head Manager was inept. Getting a hold of them was a chore as well. Overall it was not a good place. When I transferred apartments I had 90 dollars taken out of my initial deposit for "Excessive cleaning." And when I finally moved out, I got charged another $122 for "Excessive Cleaning." And that was after 2 days of cleaning. Initially there were storage lockers, but halfway through they took them out without an official word. I found that out after my locker was broken into. Thankfully nothing was in it.
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Southgate Apartments

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