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Willows on France



Resident · 2016
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Office Staff
I've never written an online review, but have to warn people. My wife and I lived there for 4 months in 2016 as a cheap rental between houses. We are far from high maintenance and had low expectations, but all this happened: Moved in to clogged sinks and bathtub, spider webs in bathroom, dirty oven, missing lightswitch and outlet covers, lights not working. Rains lead to water streaming down our walls and large puddles on bedroom and living room floors. We didn't make a stink, kind of laughed at how crappy the place was. Our dog was attacked by a 50lb unregistered dog off its leash. After hundreds of dollars in emergency vet bills to get staples in his side, shots, treatment, etc. for the wounds, management tried and failed to find the resident responsible for the dog being on the property. We considered asking Willows to reimburse us for the bills (if Willows was allowing unregistered dogs to live in their bldgs and can't find the resident responsible, then they should be held accountable, right?). Believe it or not, we let Willows off the hook. On multiple occasions a homeless woman on serious drugs was digging in dumpsters. We heard of numerous incidents w/ police called to the complex to kick a heroin addict out. Final straw: they had the nerve to keep money from our security deposit for a 'dirty oven'. We cleaned every inch of that place.. oven, top of ceiling fan blades, you name it. The oven was dirty when we moved in, but not when we moved out. Mgmt was of zero help.."that's our policy, Equimax Real Estate decides that stuff, call them".. I called Equimax.. "that's our policy, you signed documents agreeing to our terms, I didn't personally inspect your place but 'they' said the oven was dirty". I asked for pictures of the supposedly dirty oven and they didn't have any. Of course I signed the lease documents, but when we adhere to the agreement, you don't get to take our money! Didn't sign a document that reads "If I move into a dirty and barely functioning place, deal with a gross living environment, clean it up for you and leave it as a clean living space.. then feel free to keep my money for a BS 'dirty oven' charge." What a scam.
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Willows on France

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