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610 West



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Office Staff
Resident 2019 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/09/2019
Maintenance team is great, management is less than useless. I moved in mid-January 2019. It is now April 2019 and I'm moving out. They went on a leasing binge here. Brought in a bunch of biological procreation units with a raft of demon spawn. The procreation units drop demon spawn off unsupervised at indoor pool in droves. Management does little to nothing about it. They won't even block off a couple of hours per week for adults only use. People who don't want to be hit by the poorly thrown toys amidst all of the screaming and squalling can never use the amenities they pay for. I went a full two months of going over most evenings varying times between 5-8pm and could not find a time with under a dozen kids in the place. That was the quietest time. Usually it looked like a full classroom in there. If someone told me there were 60 kids in there I would believe it. Amenities abuse by biological procreation units is so bad here that some of the advertised amenities are locked off. You must now schedule them well in advance for something like $150. The place may be new but it is going to look like something from the bad part of town before long given current management. I came in via a corporate housing company so I am paying 2-3 times higher rent than anyone else here. I have run into other, regular tenants for lack of a better description who are leaving by month end for the same reason. Given the management situation, this place is worth low-end rent, not high or luxury rent. I see squad cars here more than I would expect for a high end place as well. One other oddity. Maybe it is some water conservation thing, but the toilets don't seem to flush well here. They clog quite a bit.
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610 West

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