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Resident · 2006 - 2010
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Office Staff
As many times as you ask the office for help you are shunned upon. The building is so worries about losing money they are taking anyone in at neighbors expense. The lay off of the office manager Tere was the worst move this place could of made. The clientele has gone down. People have lived here for years are moving out and changing their leases to get out of here because of the people who are being let in to live here. The staff is lazy and rude. One of the maintenance people sleeps in a vacant apartment and complains when you need something done. It has come to the point that we are looking at other places because management does not does not help with complaints or care about their people here. There has been numerous police calls here to this building because of people and what they do. It is all about money here and no care about people. If we were to move in here again we would look for another place. I do not recommend this place to anyone who wants to live in a place where you are not cared about as a person or respected for what you do. Management needs to e restructured for this place to even have a chance. Tere should be called back to help reform this place as it was 3-4 years ago plus prior. Do not waste your time calling the main office either, they always have an excuse and do not fix rental issues. We have called the police to times about neighbors and management. I know of three people who have moved out because the change in the office and four more who have changed their lease to get out of here and one person who moved out on the spot. Anyone who considers this place should knock on the people's door who lives here to get an honest opinion rather than what is told to you by the office. There are not to be any dogs allowed here and people have them here. Once the office is told nothing is done, this is a city violation. Drugs are a issue in this building. The one person who cared is no longer here to solve this problem, there are children who live in this building. I wont even let my kids out if I can not see them because of tenant safety. The playground for the kids are falling apart. The slide has a HUGE slit down the middle and when the kids go down it their pant rip. The heat does not work well and you have to use your oven to heat your place which raises your electric bill, who should have to pay the difference,, In my opinion the office should, but that will never happen. When there are sex offenders that move in the area, tenants are not notified, only a flier put up in the office. Washers do not clean your clothes and the driers do not dry. Maybe all of us who live here should get a key like the staff to do free laundry so we would not be out of quarters. The water is a problem. Running your dish water leaves a film all over your dishes and wrecks them. We are told it is the city and when we call the city says it is the building not using softener. The ceiling and walls leak leaving water spots. Renovated units do not have new appliances only new doors and carpet. Tubs are not grouted properly leaving mold spots in the tiles and walls. I could keep going on and on. Ask someone who lives here first bias or not get opinions about the facts from people who know.
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