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Resident · 2006 - 2010
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Office Staff
I have lived here for 3 1/2 years. When I first moved in there were MANY problems with tenants that would range from parents letting their kids run free at all hours of the day and night. Fire alarms were CONSTANTLY being pulled mostly in the middle of the night. It was frustrating and a little nerve racking to go to sleep and listen for the alarms. Police were constantly being called out for noise calls, domestics and drugs. As time went on it had gotten some what better. The DEA did a raid and the police have done some as well. I think enough of the neighbors had it and put constant pressure on management (upper management) to fix the problem. Tere in the office was wonderful, but there is only so much she can do and since the upper management didn't back her, it made her job that much more difficult and slowed down the progress of cleaning the building up. Since they have let her go issues go unresolved. There is no longer a smile when you walk in the office. Unless you have money it seems as if you are bothering them. No one now wants to resolve issues. Tenants are once again becoming an issue with noise and drugs. I am looking to follow suite with other neighbors who are leaving this building because Tere is no longer here taking care of what needs to be done. There are constant issues with the elevator. Management has been told many times to replace the elevator which has not been done. As a result, three poor kids got stuck in there. Maintenance did not answer the emergency pager and the fire department had to be called off. It is a little frustrating as well when someone does come into your apartment to work on something and there is no note left behind stating that they were there. Kind of creepy. No building is going to be perfect, but one would think that management would want to keep good people who don't do drugs, don't have police calls, and pay their rent on time. Management now acts like we should be the ones grateful that they even look twice at us. I would suggest that if the management wants to make money, then hire staff that want to be here and can be sincere in helping the tenants. Also, watch who you let in your building. If you have a higher standard in who you allow in, you won't have as many problems.
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