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vrp · 2012
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Office Staff
I have been in these apartments for about a year, nothing ever works, there are aprox 6-7 dryers and maybe two of them work but only after you spend $3 dollars or so and 21/2 hrs waiting for them. The elevator has been broke down and took a few days to fix, not to mention the lights inside have been replaced or broken a couple times within a two and a half week time period. There was alot of water damage in the stairwell and all they did is put a bucket in the middle of the steps and it stayed there for days! they have yet to replace the light which has been damaged from the water (no electrical threat there!)When you call for something to be fixed they take there sweet time and you have to continally call the office to ask why nothing has been fixed,I have asked for something to be fixed oh this would be the 4th time and it is still not in working order. The cleqaning crew pries the main (security doors) open while they are cleaning the building and are no where around so just anyone can walk right in (so much for security doors) The management (TED)here is RUDE, and do not care about the people that live there as well as of the office ladies (lil Asian) that answers the phones RUDE as well! This company has some really good, hard working people that live here and care about there places of residance, why is it that mgnt, caretakers, and maintanence personel do not take pride in there jobs? As for rent it is amazing how they have the balls to raise ones rent when they NEVER take care of any thing!!! I truely hope the actual owners of this place see these notes and actually do something about them. This could be a great place to live if every one does there part and starts careing about there jobs, and the people that live there.
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