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Dahcotah View Apartments



Resident · 2014
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Office Staff
Don't know where to begin I have lived here over 2 years I cant believe that after reading some of these reviews that they still have Ted and Patricia still working there two of the most un-caring, do nothing people I have ever encountered in all the places I have lived it is apparent that the upper mgrs/owner does not read or know what goes on here. Those who post all this good stuff about either of them must be related or are writing reviews those selves. Patricia is not a very bright bulb she is there for a pay check and that is it, she sits in the office and watches movies on the computer, is very un-professional, and lazy! Ted well wow unless you do not complain about nothing sit back and just let things go you are good but the second you have any concerns, complaints he is an ---. Why would the company ruin its reputation with a un-caring ---, how these people even work for him amazes me I have over heard conversations walking by the office and he is rude, disrespectful, demeaning of his employees especially the maintenance guy who has always been helpful, responds to your requests in a fashionable time and does a good job. We have had allot of heat problems in the last two yeas this year even worse he does what he can but it is apparent that he can only do so much as the word around is that the boilers are way old and need to be replaced but mgr Ted seems to think they are just fine really Ted do you know anything about the boilers NOT! I see the maintenance guy doing all this stuff shoveling really why those lazy so called caretakers get out there are and do something? The only person I have seen out there before 7a.m is maintenance man (Dale) why is that? When they do not know what clean is the spot clean carpets, walk right by garbage on the floor like it is not there responsibility to pick it up. What do they do? why would one pay them for not keeping up on there caretakers duties, again mgr does not seem to care I have brought up to mgr in the past about the non-cleanliness of the facilities but he says they clean 3 times a week.... really what, where you may want to check up on that. When I moved in my apartment was NOT cleaned well I guess it depends on what they conceder clean. People have dogs in there (which are NOT allowed.) birds making noise all day long. If the owners of this place want to make a good name, get good decent, hard working people in there that actually care about the property, the people, and the reputation of Dahcotah View. Ted is rude to not only his employees/staff but the residents WHEN IS HE RETIRING? why is he still in charge and why does he have the office mgr there she opens and closes the office when it fits her schedule does not open on time closes early maybe you need to re-evaluate the office staff and or get someone in there that knows what they are doing. By the way it is my understanding that maintenance did not receive the card among other things left for him and him only at x.mas time when a card or other sort of gift states Maintenance it DOES NOT MEAN OFFICE STAFF ONLY! Very disgusted with that are you that selfish and greedy. I honesty hope that the VP or owner actually gets to read these maybe things will change for the better. Only decent hard working person at this place seems to be Maintenance he is the only one you see do anything! I sure hope you get paid well for all you do. God Bless another tid bit have your caretakers stop propping open the main so called security doors when they are cleaning they are locked for a reason! Also when are there going to put actual heavy duty, commercial washers and dryers in these are just as small as the ones in a home NOT Commercial like most apartments I know they have a hard time keeping up with them getting fixed but it is mostly because the residents pack 2 loads into one I see it all the time serious people close are NOT getting clean doing this and yes the residents are the ones ruining them. GET COMMERCIAL!!!!
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Dahcotah View Apartments

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