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Dakota Station



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angel2581 • Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/04/2007
since moving in mid november our motorcycle was messed with nothing was done about it. the lady that parks next to us blemed us for a scrape on her car on the oppisite side that we park on. the building is all noise you an here screaming kids at all hours especially between 9pm and 1am my kids are quiet most days but yeah all kids get loud but every night is outrageous. in our bedroom we can here the neighbor snoring we can hear sex moans from the ones below us. also the ones below us and next to us pound on the walls at all hours and blame us for noise when we are not even home. the building i am in the 120 building is not well kept people leave trash in the halls daily ewwwwwwwww how un safe for all the children here i'm not looking forward to the rest of my lease i am friends with a former leasing agent from school and he quit his job here i can't blame him for that. he said since moving in the weekend before me he hates it here all my appliencs are perfect but if you want sleep and a stink free building that is not over run by somolians and unsupervised kids do not move here i pay 1425 for a 2bedroom plus den trust me should only bee like 400 with all the annoying noise day in day out. if you are smart look up comments for properties owned by the shelter corporation such as nicollet ridge apartments we had our car broken into 6 times there we literally had to get a judge involved to get the management to let us move out of there the shelter corporatio only cares about making money not residency or the happiness and safety of residents in their properties.
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Dakota Station

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