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251 McAndrews Road West

Burnsville, MN 55337



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 07/20/2005
I lived at Nicollet Ridge for a year. June 04 - June 05 and I would not recommend this apartment complex to my worst enemy... Well maybe :) <br><br>After having my whole family help me move my stuff from an hour away and get everything in I realize that the apartment has not been cleaned or made ready for a new move in AT ALL! The carpets were dirty (like crap imbedded in the carpet and stains everywhere), the fireplace was filled with soot, the windows were dirty, the kitchen cupboards had crap in them, there was crap stuck to all the countertops. Just disgusting. My mom, grandma, fiance and I spent about 8 hours cleaning before I would even take any of my stuff out of the boxes. That move in day set the tone for the rest of our stay there. <br><br>I swear I could hear my neighbor drop a pin in his apartment. Our bedrooms were right next to eachother and I was constantly woken up by his snoring or the sounds of sex. Then a new neighbor moved in on the other side and it was constant loud techno music thumping till 1 in the morning or later. <br><br>I lost count of the number of times I saw police cars in the parking lot or officers walking the hallways. There were drug deals constantly going on outside our apartment.<br><br>The hallways are always disgustingly hot and humid and smell nasty. The stairwells are the same except there is an overwhelming stench of urine. <br><br>The laundry room did not have any ventilation and the door was broken. So, it would get like 100 degrees in there with the machines going and the door shut. And the machines sucked too.<br><br>The heated parking was scary and very poorly lit. I very rarely parked in there because it was just scary. There were MANY cars broken into and vandalized down there. <br><br>There were tons of dirty little kids running around everywhere. No parental supervision to speak of. I felt like I was living in the projects.<br><br>Then there are the 8700 college students living there. Noisy drunken parties. There was a couple that was always screaming at one another in the parking lot. I watched the boyfriend take off in his car and almost run over the girl one night. Cops always around.<br><br>One night I came home from work at 3 am (I work part time as a bartender) and there were 7 cops standing in the entrance trying to get in the door. <br><br>And do not even get me started on the "secured entrance" the doors were always propped open and everyone and their mother knew the code to bypass the security. The first week I moved in I ran to my car to grab something and forgot my keys and a lady told me the pass code. How did she know I lived there?!?!<br><br>None of their "amenities" actually worked while we lived there. The pool was always dirty, the hot tub was being repaired, and the workout room had no ventilation, smelled like a giant shoe, and most of the equipment was broken. The tennis court looked like hell!<br><br>Not to mention to rude and mostly stupid staff. Most of those people do not know their elbow from their ---. I made MULTIPLE work orders and the things NEVER were fixed. The towel rod was sitting on the floor in the bathroom when I moved in and was sitting there a YEAR later when I moved out. I finally got maintenance to come to my apartment to fix my dishwasher. He proceded to hit on me and then left his big ring of keys for the whole complex on my kitchen floor. Can you imagine the kind of damage that could have been done if those had fallen into the wrong hands?! <br><br>This place sucks to high heaven. DO NOT MOVE HERE! There are MUCH nicer places in the area for the same rental amount!<br><br><br><br>
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