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251 McAndrews Road West

Burnsville, MN 55337



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 09/17/2005
Nicollet Ridge is a BEAUTIFUL place. It was sooo well built and has great bones. I know that there have been some problems in the past and some of the management wasn't quite what it should have been over the years but right now they have an AMAZING manager and a really good staff that listen to what you say and do their best to take care of things. My understandng, from talking to the office staff, is that they were having some trouble with the maintenance staff but I haven't seen that at all. Everything that's been broken in my apartment was fixed in apmle time. The builsings are so much cleaner now too! Think they have people living in the buildings cleaning them..they look so great compared to what they used to..lol You know..this place has had a bad reputation for a little while but I think it's really just the people who talk. There are soooo many nice people who live here and they just aren't the kind of people who look for websites like this. You're probably seeing only bottom of the barel complaints that from people who go way over the top. I have GREAT neighbors and love living here. I've seen them working on so many things and it's constantly looking cleaner and nicer and more happy =P I also want to say, in defence of Andrew in the office..That other guy was really mean! Andrew has always been so nice to me..He's smart and he knows what he's doing, and he's cute too..hehe.....Did anyone else notice that the guy who ripped him also pissed in the elevator. I'm sure he's a great person to be judging character. <br><br>Their new manager is really great too. She don't take no ---- from anybody. I love that. I think she's really got a handle on what's going on and is making such a great difference. She's seems to be getting rid of all the people who have sour attitudes and who have made Nicollet a sometimes frustrating place. <br><br>All I can say is Nicollet Ridge is a place in transition. They've had some troubles in the past, as you've seen if you read the other reviews, but it is beautiful and has an amazing staff. If you ever have a chance go there about an hour after dark in the warm late summer. The community has lights in ther windows and people are out and about. It's wonderfull. You don't feel like you are in the city at all. It feels comfortable and kind. It feels like home...To me anyway. I love it here.
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