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Park Place Apartments



Resident · 2015 - 2017
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Office Staff
I had mentioned my upstairs neighbor making a significant amount of noise after dealing with it for a few weeks. I spoke to Ron in the office who said he would talk to the individual. When I called back a week later, as the noise had only increased over the passing days, he told me there was only one female living there and she wasn't trying to be loud. At several occasions we've heard at least 2-5 people in that apartment and regularly see a male and female couple coming from that apartment. He assured us there was only one person living there and refused to do anything further about the noise. I have also had huge issues with the office hours not being consistent and whoever works Saturday's always takes off early. I've paid extra for expedited shipping numerous times to get items by Friday or Saturday and not been able to get it from the office until Monday or Tuesday. They always deflect accountability on other staff members and no one will own up to not being there during the posted office hours. DO NOT SIGN A LEASE HERE!!!! They're the most polite and friendly individuals until you sign that lease. Once you've signed, you no longer matter and you're simply a means for profit to them. During the winter months, signs are posted for all vehicles to park near the building in the morning and in the far row in the afternoon during snowfall so they can plow the parking lot. My husband and I seemed to be the only ones who adhered to this from the start of the winter. This year, our first snow was DREADFUL and occurred on a Friday afternoon. My husband and I work odd hours and weekends. We got woken up early on Monday morning and told that we had move our vehicles IMMEDIATELY or they would be towed. NOTE: We parked in the treacherous lot ALL weekend, and commuted to and from work and no one plowed the lots. By Monday morning there was an excess of 6" of snow, which made it near impossible for us to get out of the lot, even in a 4x4 pickup. Not to mention we work overnight shifts, and told us that we would have to wake up mid-day to go move our vehicles to the other side of the lot or they would be towed. When I spoke with Loren from the office, he gave me multiple excuses as to why the lot wasn't tended to over the weekend and became very rude and discourteous. He continued to place blame on everyone and everything. All I was asking for was a reason for why it wasn't handled and he couldn't give me a straight answer and was incredibly rude.
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Park Place Apartments

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