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Parkwood Pointe Apartments

12312 Parkwood Drive

Burnsville, MN 55337



Resident · 2017 - 2020
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Office Staff
Denise Christensen, Valerie and maintenance worker Josh, 3 horrible toxic workers. I don't know where to begin. I've been living here 11/17 but issues started mid 2018. I actually know these people since I was a teen, years earlier when I lived here. In 2018 I wanted to transfer from studio to 1bed, and this is when their toxicity started with them discriminating on leasing me. They didn't want to but I pushed them to do so, then they started indirect, passive rude, disrespectful behaviors when I needed my packages, maintenance, etc. Denise would lie about my bills by saying I owe her money I don't. Maintenance Josh would linger in my apartment when he's done with repairs, he wouldn't verify why he's visiting, he damaged the floor when I asked him to caulk behind the fridge. He's rude and is deflective when you tell him about maintenance. Denise ignored my complaints about attempted intruder into my unit, and a racist white karen who tried to be crazy in the hallway whom I've reported to cops. They don't care how residents behave, but if they're ethical people like me, then they're not happy as we'd obviously show their toxicity. They were trying to make my living condition so uncomfortable I'd cut the lease and move. Valerie and Denise's behavior was indirect harrassing. I reported them to their employer Goodman Group, ordering them to cease their inappropriate behaviors. Cathy Schumacher responded, disregarded my situation as "misunderstanding" and said they won't agree to my personal boundaries calling it "demands" as if they can decline acting respectful towards me. Cathy offered me to cut the lease and leave anytime I want no fees charged because they know their behavior was illegal. I took that and currently trying to still move. Obviously they can't act inappropriate directly towards me, but they keep using anything about my apartment to be harrassing. When I approached their office to speak to them about their bad behavior, Denise lied about me to police and said filled false report, denied service request, til I made her do it. Now 9/29/20, this whole apartment building is infested with pests, I'm killing atleast 4 roaches, ants, and others a day or hour. Denise ordered Plunkett's pest control for the building. The worker that visited my unit is a pervert who kept trying to get personal with me and act inappropriate verbally. I reported him to his company and said I want them to replace this worker with another one and they ignored me! Hes white male, short and fat and is mid age, avoid him! Plunketts's supervisor kyle kromer spoke to denise instead and said I should talk to her. I have a feeling the supervisor is the worker. They offered me no apology, they took no blame and ignored my complaint. Plunketts is working with denise and she kept trying to protect him and accompanied him. She offered no apology, no explanation even though she should've explained why she brought this pervert. Old hag was just happy she could do this using "maintenance" as excuse. Please don't move here. I know these people since I was a teen and they've always been rude and sketchy with security deposits, maintenance, etc their bad behavior starts when you need some service/support, etc. I don't want anyone to think it's good to live here because things seem fine from outside because they will act normal at start, but they'll find a reason to be harrassing to someone. Also, many weird shady neighbors are moving in and the apartment is having huge turnover, so many of the quiet nice neighbors like me are all leaving at the same time, I wonder why, the irony. The environment is just negative, like demonic energy. You'll see bad vibes and energy from majority of neighbors as many are toxic. The neighbors stand outside in parking lot shouting and yelling and changing thisnonce quiet place. These people are really toxic and I don't want them trying to evict you illegally for personal ill thoughts they have about you. My building 12316 is old. They replaced windows and balcony around July 2020 so I believe that caused pests due to construction but they deny. Only God knows but pests are huge issue so avoid that. Apartment walls are thin. The issue is hallways, you can hear every footstep, you think every knock is at your door. If you're someone who is sensitive to noise or has anxiety don't come here. They put more effort into building 12312, but they neglect 12316 so all the weird neighbors seem to be pushed here. Due to recent neighbors, there's constant noise, chatter, stomping in halls, ones above me is always having late night parties. I never report them because I'm kind but I was wrongly reported to cops when I first moved to 1bed for low tv noise, so some neighbors will report you to cops without blinking. Denise has been trying to be inappropriate any chance she gets to try to illegally evict me, but I'm sorry, that's not possible. To my fellow good humans, don't move here. It's my heartfelt plea for you. I've stopped cooking because there are bed bugs, roaches, ants, and other weird stuff in entire apartment, that's how bad it is in entire building. Avoid Plunkett's pest control too and their pervert!
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