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The Felix Apartment Homes

1311 West 143rd Street

Burnsville, MN 55306



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Office Staff
Resident 2000 - 2001 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/16/2005
My roommate and I both had our vehicles broken into while residing at the Atrium Apartments.<br><br>One vehicle was broken into while in the "secure" underground parking garage (said "secure" garages' security was broken most of the time). On another occassion, our "storage locker" in the same garage was broken into. Items were taken both times. Upon reporting the locker break-in, we were informed that anyone who kept anything valuable in the locker deserved to have it stolen and they were not responsible for any person's choice of what to trust in there.<br><br>The other vehicle was broken into in the front, main parking lot of our building - mere feet from our living room window, though I was not aware of it at the time. I was, however, aware of someone knocking on my door at 3:00am. It seems that although we did not know any of our neighbors, they knew us - or at least they knew who drove what car.<br><br>Although the space of a one bedroom and the amenities (your own personal laundry!) far surpass the cost of living - such a deal is very, VERY difficult to find in that area - it does not compensate for the monetary value of loss through theft nor the hours upon hours I was kept up/woken up by the fire alarm going off... yes, fire trucks (2 minimum, each time, at least once a moth). <br><br>The buildings also are claimed to have secured entry. The side door of the building was closest to my apartment; therefore it was the door most regularly used by myself and many others on that end of the building. The lock on said door was broken for about 9-10 months of the year that I live there. Anyone was able to get into the building. We reported the broken lock as soon as we moved in, and once a month for about four months after, until we realized it simply wasn't going to be fixed.<br><br>And on the occasion that an ex-co-worker of mine was looking for apartments, and was attempting to head into the complex as I was heading out for work, we were both momentarily halted by too-many police cruisers.<br><br>Turns out there was an escaped felon being housed on the complex. Didn't help that it was my building, as well as the apartment above mine.<br><br>We had neighbors who took it upon themselves to smoke in the entryway of the side door, rather than stepping the two feet outside of the broken door... they would come in stumbling, drunk, all hours of the morning. This was also reported to the office on occassion, after it became a recurring offense, and nothing was done about it.<br><br>It took them approximately four months to patch and repair a leak in our living room ceiling that occurred from a bad roof.<br><br>We also had to have to dishwasher and the dryer replaced within two months of our lease.<br><br>Perhaps they have taken care of these issues since I rented with them... I hope to god that they have. <br>
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The Felix Apartment Homes

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