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Silver Bell Apartments



Resident · 2015 - 2016
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There are ongoing pest problems in apartment units which includes yellow asian larvae/beetles, black carpet beetles, large black/brown spiders, box elder bugs, silverfish (in bathroom), etc. As soon as spring hits, there's a large volume of wasps that swarm and nest all over the building as well as inside the AC unit--unfortunately with gaps/crevices in the patio door/window/AC wasps get inside your apartment unit OFTEN. I do not doubt that there are mice in the apartment building as I have heard suspicious scratching in the walls and shenanigans behind fridge/oven, but never actually seen a mouse as of yet. The laundry room is usually dirty with laundry detergent spills, overflowing garbage, debris on floor, mildew smell in washing machines, etc. Generally broken down washer/dryers take upwards of 4 months to get repaired, When they do work, people overload washer which bangs loudly when unbalanced + then base of machines get loose and bang back and forth while washer in rinse cycle which is a perpetual noise nuisance to have to listen to....let alone it ruins the washers, since they do not get proactive preventative maintenance whatsoever. Small children frequently get left poorly attended to and they scream, run up/down hallway, cry, and act a fool in shared areas at all hours. Walls are not insulated and very thin so easily hear hallway/stairwell traffic noises, laundry room noise, neighbors lives which include their loud music, arguing, partying, etc. Tenants do not respect the quiet ordinance and there are loud & obnoxious people all times of the day especially in the parking lot late at night and play area with unsupervised children &/or ill-mannered tweens which gets very annoying. There is a leaky roof so there is water that seeps through ceiling and walls so water drips directly into your apartment. I have several water spots on wall/ceiling and very concerned with standing water/mold issues; I have to worry whenever it rains or snow melts that leaking will return. There was ground flooding and the apartment building got a sealing around perimeter, but water still soaks underground garage/1st floor apartments. When police are called for crimes, management does not proactively post all notifications so tenants can be informed of safety issues. The sign for the property is not lit at night so visitors will tend to drive past the entrance as cannot see it plus it is a safety concern when walking at night or early in morning when it is still dark. Apartment manager is called with unit/building issues and he is usually dismissive, offers excuses/explanations, ignores/downplays concerns, etc. and suspect he is simply annoyed he has some work to do which is his job in being an apartment manager; this is quite frustrating and he can kind of be a jerk when you call too like you are bothering him. When maintenance gets done by apartment manager, he seems to do the work half way plus makes a mess and sometimes a second or third call is needed because repair was not done effectively/correctly with right parts. He leaves your apartment unlocked for a period of time to wander off doing this and that while he is supposed to be fixing something. If a specialty repair is needed, any contractor just gets a key to your apartment with no Silver Bell Apartments staff in attendance to supervise which is completely unacceptable. When I moved in, the carpet was not replaced which I had told it would be prior to my moving in. Also, the apartment door was banged up and I was told it would be fixed prior to my moving in. There are dents in the sliding closet door in bedroom and doors are not on track. None of this was ever replaced/fixed. The carpeting throughout the building is old, moldy, dirty, worn, and smells bad. There is an ancient AC unit that barely cools living room and it is quite loud and very expensive to run. This location is not convenient to utilize public transportation, if needed. There is very hard water in the building and water softener does not appear to get used, so it takes very long time to rinse yourself clean of soap on skin and rinse shampoo/conditioner out of your hair. The skin is itchy because water is hard. The bathroom/kitchen faucets are encrusted with white substance buildup, due to hard water. Trying to clean both rooms is difficult because of the hard water buildup. There is nice woods nearby and the outside apartment building is painted plus decorated with flowers/plants; however, the inside of the NOT just newly remodeled apartment units to rent out now at $1,006.00/month is a scathing contrast. Existing tenants have leaking sinks and running toilets and crusty cabinets and gross carpet and collapsing cracks/walls disintegrating, water leaking from ceiling throughout the entire top floor including in the hallways/laundry room/inside apartment unit, etc. I hope this review helps everyone to make an informed choice to choose not to rent at Silver Bell Apartments in Eagan, MN. I sincerely believe this place is a dump especially considering what Silver Bell Apartments charges to rent an apartment unit. The prior review is totally accurate in stating that this is an Eagan slum. It isn't always easy to move out considering the aforementioned and I cannot afford to move out at this time. I do not want anyone else to move here and have all these problems as well as the apartment manager's bad attitude to contend with. Your private residence should be peaceful, safe, clean, reasonable, and a joy to live at. I DO NOT RECOMMEND TO RENT AN APARTMENT HERE @ 2091-95 Silver Bell Road, Eagan, MN 55122.
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Silver Bell Apartments

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