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7475 Flying Cloud Drive, Eden Prairie, MN 55344
7475 Flying Cloud Drive, Eden Prairie, MN 55344

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The Bluffs at Nine Mile Creek



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2011 Recommended
Reviewed 03/25/2011
My experience here has been far better that any other apartment I've lived in. I've never had any issues with management or staff. They are, in my experience, very friendly and helpful. I can only imagine the high turn over in staff is due to the lack of appropriate compensation to have to put up with the array of personalities that live here, and their unfounded complaints. I believe some people are just not happy if they are not complaining about something. I've witnessed a few people like that here, but they are everywhere. I have never felt unsafe in this building, and chuckle at the comments about gangs in the parking lot. What parking lot are these people talking about? The interior and exterior are always groomed nicely. You have to consider this is a very large complex with, at times, inconsiderate tenants and visitors who don't pick up after themselves, and leave trash as they may. I think considering the ratio of cleaners to tenants, they do a stand-up job of keeping this place clean. The staff puts great effort into involving tenants in activites and celebrations in the comfort of their own building. How great is that? I enjoy the fresh brewed coffee in the lobby and the other treats offered regularly. The fitness room is very well equipped and tidy. Sitting by the outdoor pool in the summer is fantastic, as well as sitting in the rooftop hot tub in the winter. When guests come over I can entertain them in the party room with free pool and darts, or relax in the theater room and watch a football game or a movie. There are also vending machines available if you run out of soda or snacks. Parking in the heated garage is the best when you live in this zip code (no shoveling or waiting for your car to heat up). The $50 is well worth it. Heat has never been FREE anywhere I have lived! I love not having to go to a laundry room or laundromat. I do, however, wish the walls were better insulated. I don't think it is a particularly noisy building, but it could also be a little quieter with more insulation. I have never complained about the noise and I do not make a lot of noise. Though, no matter where you go people will always complain about it and I'm not sure they are getting it...ITS AN APARTMENT!!! NOT A SINGLE FAMILY DWELLING!!! If you can't take the noise maybe you should look at other options.
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The Bluffs at Nine Mile Creek

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