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Cedars Edina Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 09/12/2005
Okay - So I won't talk too much about the apartment complex, but since I read EVERY single one of the 58 responses, I'd like to try and put some of what I read in context:<br> <br>It seems like some one(s) has an axe to grind, especially with the Cedars Ownership/Management. I am basing this on a couple things. First note that many of the negative reviews specifically mention how bad the ownership/management team is (one review even goes so far as to call them ditsy). But think about this for a second: how many tenants actually would KNOW SO MUCH about the management to insult them personally? Isn't it likely that these are just a few people posting repeatedly, just a thought. Another thought: if many tenants do indeed know the managers/owners that well, isn't that a good thing? Doesn't that mean they are more "around and available" than the negative posters giving them credit for. I am not going to say which is true, I am just pointing out logical observations here.<br><br>Also, these are pretty ACTIVE posters: please note that in addition to disparaging the owners, these people also have carefully REPLIED TO MANY OF THE POSITIVE reviews. Who even has the time to do that if it weren't personal???<br><br>The fairest opinion is probably the one ironically titled "Fair Review" from 2/11/05 as they list the issues with the property without personally attacking management.<br><br>So I suspect that 90% of the negative postings are from some one(s) who either got fired or evicted from the place and readers should keep that in mind when they read.<br><br>In case you are wondering about me:<br>1) I am NOT on the payroll; never have been and never will be<br>2) Though I know some of the cast of characters involved, I am posting on my own volition<br>3) I DO NOT think the place is perfect, BUT given how honest the people I know are (sometimes a little TOO honest), I would expect the place to be closer to a 5 than a 1 by the time YOU are ready to move in<br>4) I just don't like bad logic cluttering these postings<br><br>Finally, to the person who called the owners/managers ditsy: just because they aren't ugly doesn't mean they are ditsy. While I agree with you in principle, as I myself am severely allergic to ditsy dumb people who just look good (I think all such people should be working at McDonald's), I COULDN'T AGREE WITH YOU LESS that these people are ditsy. I would really prefer it if you didn't say stuff like that...<br><br>Happy apartment hunting!
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Cedars Edina Apartments

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