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River Pointe Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2014 - 2015 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/19/2015
I just had to say that I can not wait to get out of here! It has been problem after problem since I moved in. I used to visiit a friend that lived here who recommended living here so I thought I would give it a try. That friend duped me into a place that they ended up bailing on 5 months after I signed my lease. I would avoid this place like the plague!! The location Visiting my friend before I decided to live here, I was well aware that the train tracks were right next door. I never thought it was that bad, and the trains seemed infrequent and quick. Now that I've been here for the past year, it has driven me absolutely crazy! I live in the buiilding that is closest to the tracks and I was amazed at how many trains go up and down the dang tracks! They are huge, loud, blow their horns at all hours even though its a no horn zone, and it shakes my apartment most of the time. My apartment I should have known from the start that I shouldn't live here. The first day I got my keys, I walked in and my apartment stunk! It was a musty dirty smell. My friend told me that was the carpet cleaning and it should fade. Needless to say, it didn't. I had them reshampoo the carpets because it stunk so bad and the carpets were crusty. As I mentioned, the constant train schedule vibrates my apartment, somewhat violently at times causing things to fall on the floor. Forget about enjoying having your patio door or windows open when it's nice. You can't hear yourself think! The walls are paper thin. I live on the third floor, with the dumpster located perfectly below my deck. Be prepared for the dumpster to slam shut at all hours of the night and people talking normally in the lot sound like they are in your apartment with you. And you can hear your neighbors....especially when they are Indian and have a lot of people living there who like to hoot and holler, at screaming kids. There's also a lot of pot smoking in my building. I pay $800 to live here and can't stand being home when the potheads are lighting up. The office staff When I first got here, the leasing agent I worked with was very incompetent. I pushed forward with my application because my friend assured me that everything would be fine. The leasing agent didn't even give me any sort of tour - didn't show me any community features, tell me where the mail goes, or even show me where to put rent! I was asked if I had received forms and she never gave them to me, but would blame me for losing them when her manager was present. The assistant manager is bipolar. She can either be pretty nice or an absolute B&*@!. I feared going to the office the entire time I lived here because I felt like they hated me. Maintenance Any request I had was fulfilled pretty quickly. The only thing I thought was lazy was when my garage got broken into they "fixed it" from the neighboring garage....meanwhile mine still had holes patched in the walls. Deck Watch your deck railings....they can get loose and it takes a while to get them fixed. Which should be a top priority, especially for the 3rd floor Garages Decent, but DON'T keep anything valuable in them. Your car might not even be safe. A little over a year ago, someone sledge hammered through about a dozen garages. The complex's solution to the damage? Meh, I'll just slap some plywood over the holes and hope for the best. And god forbid don't leave it open for an extended period of time or you'll have a nasty note from the office! Door Buzzer Pointless if you only have a cell phone. You'll have to let everyone in or have them tag along with someone else entering Lights in the Lot They don't adjust the parking lot lights for daylight savings. There were numerous times I had to leave in the dark at 6am and the parking lot lights near my garage were not on and there were times I came home in the dark at 5pm and the lights were not on either. Safety There have definitely been times I don't feel safe here. There are creepy men that hang out waiting for you to let them in the building. There was one time that a man was literally crawling up the building like spiderman, because he claimed to have locked himself out. They have to grease the railings in the main building entry way so people don't climb up them. There was also a group of masked, robed individuals that gathered in large numbers one night in the lot. Everyone was afraid to leave their apartments.
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River Pointe Apartments

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